A Statement On Race

A Statement on Race


Something has changed in America; a strong wind is blowing. The murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, captured on video and shared worldwide, caused a shift in the collective conscience of many Americans. Something was laid bare that as a nation we often don’t see or simply choose to ignore: the unchecked use of force and disproportionate violence by law enforcement against people and communities of color.

Acts of violence against people of color are not limited to law enforcement personnel. Racist behavior that demeans and demonizes men and women with black and brown skin happens regularly in all areas of our country. We have seen it on video over and over and over again.

These are more than individual acts of racism; they are a culmination of actions that create a culture that values one group of people over another. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless other people of color, are the devastating results of this sin of systemic racism.

How we act, how we respond, will determine whether a wind of chaos and destruction will blow through our country, or one filled with the scouring power of the Holy Spirit stripping away our sins of passivity and complicity. A holy, scouring wind that will once again eviscerate the barriers that blind us to our common humanity.

I pray that we as the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, and all who join us, will respect the dignity of every human being and embody this in what we do, collectively and individually, as citizens and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Will you join me, and bring all of the gifts God has given you to this journey? If we do this together – ALL of us – we will, with God’s help, begin to create a just and more equitable world where all of us – ALL may flourish.

If you would like to join Bishop Perry in this work, please sign your name below and please share this statement on your social media and invite 5 of your friends to sign and share.




The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bonnie A. Perry
11th  Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan


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Signed by 980 individuals:

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The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bonnie A. Perry, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
Eric Travis, Trinity-in-the-Woods, Farmington Hills
Anna Stania, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
Mr. Robert Tompkins, Church of the Messiah
The Rev. Ian Reed Twiss, Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Novi
The Rev. Carol Mader, St. James Episcopal Church, Dexter, MI
Rev. Deacon Christine Fentress-Gannon, St. James Episcopal Church
Beth Ann Tesluk, Christ Church Cranbrook
Dr. Elaine Elizabeth Belz, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit
Mr. Michael Zubas Jr, Grace Episcopalian Church, Mt. Clemens.
Mrs. Anna Stania, Diocese of Michigan
Rev Deacon Annette Mileski, All Saints Episcopal Church, East Lansing
Merilynne Rush, St. Andrews Ann Arbor
Ms. Mary Wise, St. Clare of Assisi
Mr. David Laurance, St. Clare’s Ann Arbor
Ms Lea Ellwood-Filkins, Cathedral Church of St. Paul – Detroit and St. Boniface Episcopal Church, Sarasota
The Very Rev. Andrea Morrow, St. Stephen’s Wyandotte
Travis Anderson, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
Ms. Rachael Rose, Trinity in the Woods Episcopal Church, Director of Music Ministries
Prof. Will Wittig, St. John’s Episcopal Church
Ms. Nancy Lewis, St. Clare’s Ann Arbor
Mark Miliotto, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
Janet Ray, St. Peter Episcopal Church – Detroit
Eric Williams, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
Priest Nikki Seger, St Michael’s Lansing
Amelia Hefferlin, Episcopal Church of the Incarnation
Dr. Daniel Heini
Barbara Bellinger, St. Paul’s, Lansing
Calebria Webb, Christ Church Detroit
James Briggs, St. Andrew’s of Ann Arbor
Mr Bruce Cann, St Matthew St Joseph Detroit
Rev. Alice Sawyer, Trinity Episcopal Church
James Whipple, St. John’s Royal Oak
Ms Jeanette Brown, St. Davids
Donna Lockhart, St. Michael’s Grosse Pointe Woods
Mrs Katherine, Katcher Saint Renee
The Rev. Maryjane Peck, St. Clare of Assisi Ann Arbor
The Rev. Clare Hickman, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Ferndale MI
Erica Clites
Sarah Pettigrew, First Congregational UCC Wyandotte
Katie Culbert, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Brighton
Kellie Herdade, Christ church Cranbrook
Crystal Sarver, St. Paul’s Episcopal Lansing, MI
Allie Allie Hoover
Canon Jo Ann Hardy, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit
Barbara Scoville, St Clares, Ann Arbor
James Pedersen, Trinity Episcopal Church, Belleville, Michigan
Jerry L. Hardy, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit
Kaitlyn Narezo, St Pauls Lansing
The Rev. Deacon Timothy Spannaus, St. John’s, Royal Oak
Mr Teferi Brent, Mens Christian Fellowship/Isuthu Institute
Kevin O’Connor, St Michael’s Grosse Pointe Woods
Pete Nagle, St Lukes
Collette Pariseau, St. John’s, Royal Oak
Indira Samuels
Knut Hill, St. Clare’s Ann Arbor
Krista Capp, At James of Birmingham, mI
Megan Thorington, St. Stephen’s Wyandotte
The Very Rev’d Scott Hunter, Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Kara Halleck-Wardell, St. Stephen’s of Wyandotte, MI
The Rev. Paula Miller, St. Michael and All Angels, Lincoln Park, MI
G Brown, St John’s Royal Oak
Jennifer Lyon, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Ferndale
John Morrow, St. Stephens
Marlene Stirnweis, St Patrick Episcopal Church
Jessica Rienstra , Saint David’s Southfield
Francine MacBride
Birgitte Lozano, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church
Jennifer Hart, Cathedral Church of St Paul
Jane Bower
Joyce Holden, Christ Church Adrian
Professor Geoffrey Henny, St. Clare’s Ann Arbor
Mr. Michael Niefert, FCCW. UCC
Mr. Brian Derey, St. Lukes Ferndale, Michigan
Mary Lou Pfaendtner, St David Southfield
Ruthemma Rush, Trinity Episcopal Church – Redlands, CA
Katie Gettel, St. Simon and the Fisherman, Port Washington, WI
Robert Warsham Bob Warsham, Cathedral Detroit
Cynthia Fisher
Peyton Call, St James
Bonnie Meek-Miller, UCC
Bev Ellis, St. John’s Plymouth
Rev. Billy Hailes
Madeleine Jones, St. James Episcopal Church, Grosse Ile, MI
Thana Millar, St. Clare Episcopal church
Dori Washelewski, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit
Anne Cox
The Rev’d Dcn Sharon Watton, Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Lisa Machesky, St. John, Royal Oak
Mr. Dennis Kirchoff, Christ Church Dearborn
Kristin Lewis, St James Grosse Ile
Deb Green, Trinity Episcopal Church
Kathleen Kastner, Christ Church Grosse Pointe
Maureen Maniece, Cathedral church of St Paul
Helen Trombley, Cathedral church of St Paul
Wendy Loncar, St George’s Milford
Kathy O’Connell, St Barnabas Chelsea
Kathy Daly, St. Clare’s, Ann Arbor
Kelly Hewitt
Michael Dagle, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit
Luke Thompson , St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Ann Arbor
jeanne nowak, grace episcopal
Ann Merry, St. Luke’s Ferndale
Patti Striho, St. Clare’s, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Karen Henning, University of Detroit Mercy Law School
Mary Vigilanti, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Chelsea, MI
The Rev. Judith Schellhammer, St Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Cambridge Junction
Rebecca Maricle, St. Michael’s, Lansing
Susan Chaklos, Christ Church Grosse Pointe
Parker Callahan
Karl Weber, Rivertowns Episcopal Parishes Action on Inclusion and Race (REPAIR)
Sue Carpenter, Trinity Episcopal Church Belleville
Marilyn Maloney
Christine Lykins, Trinity in the Woods
Rev. Sarah Hurlbert, St. Paul’s Jackson
Ms. Karen Slagell, St. Clare’s, Ann Arbor, MI
Mr Robert LaMoreaux, St. Clare of Assisi Ann Arbor
Lois Zook, St. j
Ellen Ehrlich, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak
Tammy Mrs Story
Maggie Pellegrino, Christ Episcopal Church, Dearborn
Ms. Pamela Wilkins, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak
The Rev. Susie Shaefer, St John’s Clinton
The Rev. Vinnie Lainson
Jen Radcliffe
Mary Eldridge, Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, Ann Arbor
Donna Wessel Walker, St. Andrew’s, Ann Arbor
The Rev Dr Donna McNiel, Canterbury MSU
Mrs. Linda Gillespie, St. George’s Episcopal
Pamela Landgraf, St. James Birmingham
Elaine Themm, St. Paul’s, Jackson
Jean Angel, Christ Episcopal Church Dearborn
Kay Bell Kay Bell, Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, MI
The Rev Dr Elaine Caldbeck, St Peter’s Episcopal Church Bettendorf
Debbie Sauer, Glen Avon Presbyterian Church
Dr. Lesli Ballard, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church Ann Arbor
The Rev. Vicki Hesse, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
Emily Loughlin
Mr. Raymond Davis, Trinity in the Woods
Sharon Claytor Peters, Trinity Episcopal Church, Belleville
Cathy Holcomb , St John’s Royal Oak
Cynthia Hoelscher, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Polson, MT
Laura Hanna, All Saints Episcopal church, Chicago
Jolene Marsh, St. Peter’s Hillsdale
HK Kennedy
Bree Cooper, St. Mary’s-In-the-Hills, Lake Orion
John Tatro
Nancy Allmen, Saint Patrick’s Madison Heights
Suzanne Luzius
Gwen Feher, REPAIR
Jim Treece, Christ Church Detroit
Mary Bates, St. Andrew’s, Ann Arbor
Rick Laub, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Lansing, MI
Alan Vayda, St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor
Nuna Trump, St. Paul’s UCC-DOC
Marilyn Twining, St James – Dexter, MI
Judith Avery, St Clare’s, Ann Arbor
Helen Brewster
Ms. Melissa McNeal Adams
Rev. A. Leo Reilly, Basilian Fathers of Toronto
Joshua Harrell, Cathedral Church of St Paul
Barbara Gray
The Rev. Karen Lewis
Lynne Muth, St. John’s Episcopal – Royal Oak, MI
Janis Soloway
Dennis Parker, Trinity, Ossining
Erin Ranville, St. Aidan’s, Ann Arbor
The Rev. Dr. Susan Carter
Benjamin King Quale, Christ Church Detroit
Donna Marshall, St Patrick’s Episcopal Church
Caleb Dagle
Joseph Isaac, Christ Church Detroit
Carole Sundquist
Joshua Ferchau, All Saints’ Church
Ida Butler, St. Simon’s Episcopal Church, Arlington Heights IL
Michael Piggins, Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Julie Fletcher
Dr. Tom Holsinger-Friesen
Ginny Loughlin, All Saints’, Briarcliff, NY
Mary Liz Valesano, St. Luke’s Ypsilanti
Elizabeth Thompson, St. Luke’s Ypsilanti
Rev Dr Susan Harlow, Peoples Church of Chicago
Paul Webber, St Philip’s Rochester
Laura Fornwalt, St. James Grosse Ile, MI
Arlene Gordanier, Diocese of Northern Michigan
The Rev. Linda Northcraft
Mr. Keith Wikle
Stefan Stifano Espósito
Ellen Severson
Sandra Jones, St. Paul’s Church, Marquette, MI
Cheryl Gumper, St. Paul’s Episcopal Jackson MI
Rev. Thomas Krell, St. David’s Episcopal, Southfield
Dr. Leah Claiborne
Keri Valmassei, St. Patricks / Madison Heights Hazel Park Chamber of Commerce
Eve Mahr Eve Mahr, St Andrews, Des Moines, IA
Christina Lawson, St. James Episcopal Church, Birmingham
Pamela Jusino, First Presbyterian of Farmington
Jason Schwanke, St. James Birmingham
Dr. Mark Gable, St. James
Thomas Fullam
Barbara Gallaway, St. Stephen’s Wyandotte, Mi.
Edward Sutter, St.James
Meredith Skowronski, Christ Church Cranbrook
Jim Mogensen, St. Aidan’s, Ann Arbor
The Rev. Canon Jonathan Sams , St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Waterford, MI
Rev. Deacon Susan Bonsteel, St. John’s, Kingston, New York
Tish Germain, Grace Mt. Clemens
Rudy Faust, All Saints Episcopal Church and Ravenswood Community Services, both Chicago, IL
Mary Turner
Rev. Annelissa Gray-Lion
Mary Ann Creel-Minghine, Trinity in the Woods, Farmington Hills
Mrs. Carolyn Rothgeb, Carolyn B. Rothgeb
Martha Schoolcraft, St. Johns Episcopal Church
Catherine Leonard
William Yeats, St. James
Nan Cowan, St. James Birmingham
Dr. Rosemary Gooden
Margaret Green, Christ Church Dearborn
Cynthia Coleman, Trinity Belleville
Cathy Lewis, St. Luke’s – Ypsilanti
Kate Lucander
Jenny Gettel
Garry Trammell, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Jackson
Erica Benson, St. James Grosse Isle
Mrs Ged Youngman, St Philips Rochester
Tina Caudill, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church
Marilyn Shahly, Christ Church Detroit
Tiffany Morris, Christ Church Cranbrook
Kerry Manseau, Christ Episcopal Church Dearborn
Christine Galli, Christ Church Detroit
George Port, Christ Church Detroit
Mary Wilbert, Christ Church Detroit
Elizabeth Brooks, St. Michael and All Angels-Cambridge Junction
Tim Schoenherr
Margaret Matthes, Christ Church Cranbrook
Kathy Binoniemi, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Negaunee
John Kloster, Spirit of Grace West Bloomfield
Holly Emery, St. Stephens Episcopal, Hamburg, MI
Jonathan Korpi, St. Johns Episcopal Church
Nick Bell, Christ Church, Dearborn
Patricia Fraley, St James Birmingham
Julee Parker
Barbara E Jones, St. John’s Episcopal Church
Shelley Miller-O’Neill, St Michael’s Lansing
Jim McMurtrie
Liz Bartels
Deb Joseph, Deb Joseph
Larry Bowen, Trinity Belleville
Jorge Gonzalez
Carol Latimer, Spirit of Grace
Susan Hargrove, St. Anne’s Winston-Salem NC
Andrea Perino, Church of St Mary
Erin Espy
Jeff Boll
Caroline Stinson, The Episcopal Church of the Advent – Spartanburg, SC
Judy Phillips
Helen Parry, St Johns Episcopal, Howell
Mr. Brendan Diamond, Grace Episcopal Church, New Lenox, IL
Malaika Mitchell
Anna Boll
Janeen Rastall, St. Paul’s of Marquette
Mrs Nancy Irey-Sams
Mary Ann Morrow, St. John’s Episcopal, Royal Oak MI
The Rev. Canon Ronald Spann
The Rev. Philip Dinwiddie Saint, James Episcopal Church, Grosse Ile, MI
Michele Wogaman, St. James Episcopal, Birmingham
Jeanie Mack-Powers, St. Andrews Episcopal Church
Timothy Cole, Zion Lutheran Church, Freeland, MI
Robert Payne
Marc Meyers, Christ Church Cranbrook
Ms. Meredith Many
Mr. Douglas Meggison, Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Novi
The Rev. Christine Humphrey, All Saints Episcopal Church
Audra Shropshire
Elisabeth Daumer. ST. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Ann Maher, Holy Cross Episcopal Church Novi, MI
Diane Wittlinger, Nativity Episcopal Church
Canon Timothy Wittlinger, Nativity, Bloomfield Township
Mrs Tammy Grosser
The Rev Evan Fischer, St. James, Wooster, OH
Claire Beckett
Kris Beckett, St. John’s, Royal Oak
Marilyn Hollingsworth
Joanne Heaton, St. Clare’s Ann Arbor
The Rev Dr Rosalie Richards, Church of Our Savior, Chinatown, NYC
Revd Philip Dobson, Church of England, living in Manchester UK
Janet Cook, St. James, Dexter
Kitty Chelemen, St. Michael’s and All Angels
Beverly Bryan, Nativity Episcopal Church, Bloomfield Township, MI
The Rev. Bob Alltop, Nativity Episcopal Church
Heather Yanda, St. John’s, Wellsville, NY
Diane Brown-Rytlewski
JoAnn Darcy, St. James Episcopal Church, Birmingham
Patricia Merritt, Spirit of Grace
Mrs. Norah Hall, Temple Beth Or, Raleigh NC
Rev Wendy Brown, St John’s Charlotte
Jill Kosonen
Mrs. Gloria Kilander, St. Michaels, Lincoln Park
Reverend Deacon Carolynn E Johnson, Nativity
Patricia Hill, Nativity Episcopal Church
John Messimer, All Saints Brooklyn
Sharon Mcilnay, Nativity Episcopal, Bloomfield Twnship
Mrs. Nancy Harris, St. Mary’s
Gail Baravetto
Al and Carol Petri, St Stephen’s Episcopal Wyandotte
William Ward, St. James, Birmingham
Rosemary Manseau, Christ Episcopal Church, Dearborn
Dr. Peter Trumbore, St. Mary’s-in-the-Hills, Lake Orion
Lynne Cooper, Temple Israel
Reverend Jennifer Marie Marcus, Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests
Hap Wright, Church of the Nativity
W Stockard, Nativity Mission
The Rt Rev Pierre Whalon
Rita Lucey
Susan Wakefield St Andrew’s, Ann Arbor
Michele Delridge
Ronda Johnson, Christ Church Cranbrook
Katherine Pratt
John Wakevainen, Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills
Kathy Vanden Boogaard, Diocese of Northern Michigan
Geri Biggs
The Rev. Emily Williams Guffey, Christ Church Detroit
Roger Maki-Schramm, Christ Church Detroit
Mrs Sarah Morgan, St Stephen’s Wyandotte
Dr. Ronald Charles, St. Matthew’s St. Joseph’s
Rev Diane Dougherty, Federation of Christian Ministries
Harry McLaughlin, St. Andrew’s Ann Arbor
Dan McGraw, Holy Faith Saline, Michigan
Barbara Spencer, St James Birmingham
Claire McLaughlin, St. Andrew’s, Ann Arbor
Lynne Lambert, St. Johns Royal Oak
Ms. Frances Cole, Calvary Episcopal Church, Lombard, Il
Cleda Smartt, Trinity in the Woods
Tom Straker, St. Patrick’s Madison Heights MI
Andrea Enright, All Saints’ Pontiac
Deb Abbasse VanZalen
Susan Maher, The Point Church
William Booth
Jim Palermo
Deacon Maria Maniaci, Trinity Episcopal-Gladstone
Mr. Robert Freeman, St. Luke’s – Ferndale Mi
Rev Susan Vandercook, Christ Church Pleasant Lake
Pat Wagner, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Rochester, MI
Philip Martinez
Ms Dianne Miller, St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church, Buda, TX
Steven Watts, Trinity Parish, St. Augustine, FL
Anna Dorsey, St Stephens Troy MI
Mashell Gellman, All Saints Episcopal Church, Chicago
Glynis Rosendall, St. Paul’s Episcopal, Evansville IN
Lauren Erbach Barnfield, All Saints Episcopal Church, Chicago
Linda Klimach, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church Ann Arbor
Dorothy Martelle, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Ypsilanti, Michigan
Carol Finley
Carla Robelli
Susan Kiepke
Shirley Lappi, Grace, Mt. Clemens
The Rev. Lynda A. Carter, Grace Episcopal Church – Southgate
Pamela Sherry, Grace Mt. Clemens
Br. John Mark Kelley, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Grand Haven, MI.
Tim DuFresne, St Luke’s Ypsilanti
Mark+ Hastings
Jo Johnson
Ms Mary Lu Barth, St Clare’s Episcopal, Ann Arbor
Andrew Connell, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Ypsilanti
Janice Jean, St. Michael’s-Lansing
Libby Jean, St Michael
Katie Wilson, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Lansing, Mi
Kimberly Cason, Grace Episcopal Church Southgate
Elaine Linstedt, St James, Birmingham, MI
Lawrence Jansen, Holy Cross Novi
Katrina Bratten, All Saints’ Pontiac
T Morgan
Hon. Charles Plantz, St. Matthew’s, Alliance, Nebraska
Susan Mason, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Rochester
Christiana F Nealis, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Asheville, NC
Karen Peterson, Grace Episcopal, Southgate MI
Beverly Battle
Mary Lou Pfaendtner, St David Southfield
Birgitte Lozano, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church
The Rev. Julia Huttar Bailey, Trinity in the Woods Episcopal, Farmington Hills MI
Dr Stephen Wogaman, St James Episcopal Church
David Mertz, All Saints, Atlanta Georgia
Sebastian Capp , Farmington Hills
Carolyn Black, St. Paul’s on-the-Hill Episcopal Church – Ossining, NY
Rachel Andrews
Rev. Carrie Orlando
Rev. Dcn. Cindy Corner, St. Michael and All Angles, Cambridge Junction (Onsted)
Amanda Phillips, Ms. Amanda St. James Grosse Ile
Alexzandra Frazier, St. Stephens Wyandotte
Rachel Andrews, St. John’s Royal Oak
Nicole McCarthy, Living Water Ministries
William Hoover , St James Birmingham
Stephanie Mulkern, Christ Episcopal Church Dearborn
Ellen Bowen, Trinity Episcopal Church, Belleville, Michigan
Mike Herderich, St. Philips, Rochester, MI
Rosemary Berger, Grace, Mt Clemens
Kathleen Kustowski
Barney Judge, Blue Ocean Faith, Ann Arbor, MI
Mr. Rufus Walsh, First United Methodist Church
Don & Lois Wiggins, Cathedral & St. Patrick’s
Amelia Gotwals , St. Paul’s Brighton
Councilman Steven Chisholm, St. Clements Episcopal Church – Inkster, MI
Elizabeth Yakel, St. James Dexter, MI
Dr. Diana Brehob, Christ Church Dearborn
Janet Chegwidden, All Saints East Lansing
Mark Ferguson, St James Episcopal Church in Grosse Ile, MI
Greg Jacoby, St. John’s Episcopal Church Royal Oak
Jennifer Wolf, St. Clare of Assisi, Ann Arbor
Karen Kienbaum, Christ church Grosse Pointe
Elisabeth Metric
Sandra Perkins, St. James Episcopal Church – Dexter
Megan Masson-Minock, Saint James in Dexter, MI
Thomas Arthur Ferguson, St. Elizabeth Redford
Canon Bonnie Anderson, All Saints, Pontiac
Mary Vigilanti, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Chelsea, MI
Deborah Wilson, St. James’ Dexter
The Reverend Ellis Clifton, St. Clement’s – Inkster
Mary Edwards, St. Andrew’s Episcopal church, Ann Arbor
Jerry Brand, St. James Episcopal Church of Dexter
Linda Randolph, Blue ocean faith, Ann Arbor, MI
Lisa Hoelke
Ms Susan Dougherty, All Saints Episcopal Church, East Lansing
Christina Miller, St. Michael’s and All Angels, Lincoln Park, MI
Jacklyn Shock, St. James, Dexter
Alice Van Wambeke, St. James Episcopal, Dexter
Roger and Judy Parker, St. James, Dexter
Diane Dues, St. James’ Episcopal Church, Dexter MI
Joan Brieland, Saint James Dexter MI
Sue Jacob, St. James, Dexter
Donald Fishel
Erin Peven, Saint James Episcopal Church, Dexter
Shannon Verbal, St. James Episcopal Church
John Hansen, St. James Dexter
Randall Odom Paris, First Untied Methodist Church
Susan Burns, Saint James Church, Grosse Ile MI
Julie Lowery, St. James, Dexter

Sister Susan Brigit Brooks, St David Episcopal Church
Jeanette Brown Jeanette Brown, St. David’s Southfield
The Rev. Andrea Martin, Holy Faith
Laurie Anne Tikkanen, Holy Faith Church, Saline
Ruth Boenke, Holy Faith, Saline
Mary Beth Connolly, St. Paul’s (Brighton)
Donald Thompson, St. Paul, Brighton
Judith Ciccoritti , Grace Mt. Clemens
Noelle Milkey, Holy Faith, Saline MI
Edwina Simpson, Christ Church Detroit & the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross
Don Dillaman, Trinity in the Woods (Farmington Hills)
Edna Buday, St. David’s Episcopal, Southfield
The Rev. Don Dersnah, Holy Faith Church, Saline
Louise M. French, St. James, Dexter
Dr. David N. French, St. James, Dexter
Dawn Weirauch, ECI/Ann Arbor
Susan Kelly, St. James Birmingham
Rev Jill Mills, ECI Ann Arbor
Nora Heath, Grace Episcopal Church, Mt. Clemens
The Rev. Deacon Betty Brogan, Grace Church Mount Clemens
Mary Ann BAGDASARIAN, Grace Episcopal Church
Nancy Steinrock
Ken Wilson Ken, Blue Ocean Church, Ann Arbor
Lisa Thierbach, Blue Ocean
Tom Fishburn, Blue Ocean Faith
Joyce Munro, Trinity in the Woods (formerly). Christ the King Tucson
Marilyn Wilson
Kevin Clarke, Trinity in the Woods, Farmington Hills, MI
Suzanne Jones, Blue Ocean Faith
Mr. Emery Dumas, Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Patricia Garrett Reilly
The Rev. Sandy Benes
Dave Penniman , Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Boyne Ctiy MI
Todd Nissen
Marilynn Harlan,  St. Michaels & All Angels of Lincoln Park
The Rev. Suzanne Ray, The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan
Michelle McConnell, All Saints Chicago
Elizabeth Caldwell, All Saints Episcopal Church, Chicago Illinois
Tiffany VanDeHey, St. Michael & All Angels
Dr. Casey Darrah, Holy Cross, Novi
Cathy Stone, St. Clare’s Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor
Paula Mauro, All Saints Chicago
Christopher Wells, Christ Church Cranbrook
Shelly Wood, Trinity, Grand Ledge
Ann Burke
Denise Carney
Ruth Ilmer, Trinity in the Woods, Farmington Hills
Dr. Stephen Uche, St. Aidans Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor, MI book
Michael Stutso, Holy Cross, Novi Mi
Kathleen Baltman, Trinity In The Woods Episcopal, Farmington Hills
Maura Garrett
Duane Wils, Trinity Gladstone MI
Susan Gill
Deborah Kleinhomer, With love and support for All Saints, Pontiac, MI
Annie Chambers, Trinity in the Woods – Farmington Hills
Maureen Graef
Sandy Garbovan, St. Michaels, Lincoln Park
Christopher Delridge, Atheist
Donna Anuskiewicz, St. Clare’s
Robbi Norman
Miranda Ferrara, Christ Church, Grosse Pointe
Laura Knight
Sydney Rooks, All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Pontiac
Rob Chelemen, St. Michael and All Angel, Lincoln Park Michigan
Karen C Ms. Karen
Ms. Terri Montgomery, All Saints’ Pontiac
Robert Dillon
Peggy Barry Bartz, St Patrick Madison Heights MI
Ann Davis, Northside Presbyterian and Greenleaf Christian churches
Laura Montione
Luke Shaefer, St. Johns Church Clinton
Martha Kern-Boprie, St. Luke’s, Ypsilanti
Michael Steveson, St. Michael and All Angles, Cambridge Junction (Onsted)
Kelly Scheu, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
Sr. Elizabeth Marguerite Kostin, Anamchara Fellowship
Mr. Robert Stone, St. Clare Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Carl Weiler, St.John’s Royal Oak
The Rev. Paul H. Castelli, AF, SCP, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Milford
Molly Hilton, Holy Faith, Saline
The Rev. Terri C. Pilarski, Christ Episcopal Church, Dearborn
Briana Samuels, St. Matthew’s and St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church
Samantha Tousignant, St. James, Birmingham
Sarah Simko, Cathedral Church of St. Paul
The Rev. Beth Taylor, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak
Ms. Sandra Zull , Trinity Farmington Hills, 482Forward
Holly McNeal, St. John’s- Royal Oak
Jenny Darrah, Holy Cross Novi
James Hilton, Holy Faith
Rev Dr. Gail Shafer
Bonnie Anderson, All Saints Episcopal Church, Pontiac
Phyllis A Clements, St. Philip’s – Rochester
Rev. Beth Bingham, St. John’s – Royal Oak
Constance Ilmer, Trinity Episcopal-Farmington Hills
Mr. Kenneth Dyker, All Saints ‘ – Pontiac, Michigan
Susan LeDuc
Rev Susan Williams
Wendy Wahn, St. Michael’s, Lansing
Mr. Philip Smith, St. Paul’s Episcopal, Brighton, MI
Ann Putallaz, St. Clare of Assisi, Ann Arbor
Rosemary Spatafora, St. John’s Royal Oak
The Rev. Deacon Marion VanLoo, St Barnabas, Chelsea MI
Nancy Faerber, St. Clare’s, Ann Arbor
David Dickey, St. George’s MIlford
Rev. Aaron Zull Trinity Farmington HIlls
Carol Allen Sullivan, Grace Episcopal Church, Interfaith Center for Racial Justice
The Rev. Dan Buchin, Christ Episcopal Church, Adrian
Debbie Locke-Daniel, 2/42 Community Church
The Rev. Deacon Marcia Tyriver, St. Michael’s Episcopal, Lansing, MI
Rev. Alan Gibson, St. Andrew’s, Ann Arbor
Mrs Barbara Cox, Mrs. Barbara J. Cox St.Matthew’s/St. Joseph’s Detroit MI
James Lewis, All Saints’ Pontiac
Debi Phillips, Cathedral Church of St Paul
Susie Lorand, St. Andrew’s and Canterbury House, Ann Arbor
Lisa Dickey, St. George’s MIlford, MI
Jocelyn Burrell, Christ Church Detroit
Charles Hakim, St Michaels GPW
Rebecca Loncar , St. George’s, Milford
James Wortley, St.Andrew’s Ann Arbor, Mich.
The Rev. Paul LeClair, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church
Dennis Spatafora, St. John’s Royal Oak
Dale Rogalski, Inner Peace Behavioral Health
Brenda K Thom , Trinity Episcopal Church Belleville MI
Ms. Carolyn Sampselle, St. Clare’s of Assisi Episcopal Church
Rev Ann Webber, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Rochester
Steven Ilmer, Trinity Episcopal-Farmington Hills
Becky MacDonald, St James – Birmingham
Carole Wortley, St.Andrew’s Ann Arbor, Mich.
Dr. Sherry Ray
The Rev. William Roberts
Caroline Liebaucaroline, St. George’s, Milford
Michael R Earle , St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church. Ann Arbor, MI
Jennie Weakley
Bob Edwards, St. Andrew’s – Ann Arbor
Sarah Soyk
John Sampselle, St. Clare’s of Assisi Episcopal Church
Jacob Thorington, St. Stephen’s Wyandotte
Jeanne Smith
Fran Twiddy, St Michael’s GPW
Susan Halbach, St. Philip’s, Rochester
Gregg Bloomfield, All Saints’ Pontiac
Kristen Benes
Gwyneth Dugliss, St. James Grosse Ile
Angela Stough, St Johns royal oak, MI
Lisa Volker, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Milford MI
Joe Poisson Joseph Poisson, The Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Wash Washburn, St. James – Dexter
Ms. Melissa Anderson
Julia Belian, St. Luke’s Ferndale
Sally Sally Stinson, Trinity in the Woods
Sarah Tribelhorn, St. James Episcopal Church
Mary Torrence-Bamford, Christ United-DeWitt
Claudia Horne, St. Michael and All Angels, Lincoln Park
Alice Calsada
Maria Wawro, St.Paul’s Lansing
Rev. Deacon Brian Shaffer, Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Jan Buchin
Sr. Margaret Ruth Diane Manko-Cliff, Cathedral Church of Saint Paul
Megan Norris, Christ Church – Detroit
Susan Gregg, Christ Episcopal Dearborn
Mrs. Holly d Belian, St Luke’s Ferndale
Chris Cook
Rev Graham, St. George’s Episcopal Church
Vivienne Manwaring, Trinity in the Woods Farmington Hills
Megan Tafel, St. George’s, Milford MI
Daryl Royal, Trinity Episcopal Church of Belleville
Brianne Turczynski, St. Philips
Roxanne Dyer
Dalton Mr. Dalton
The Rev. Cooper Conway, St Paul’s & Trinity Churches, Ossining, NY
Ms Laurie E Kantner, St Clare’s Episcopal Church in Ann Arbor
Pam Johnson
Kate McCutchen, Trinity, Belleville, MI & St Francis in the Valley, AZ
Kayla Ms. Byrd
Dr. William Reese, Church of Our Prayer
Meredith Aul Meredith Aul, St Edward’s Episcopal, Lancaster, PA
Alissa Kanka, Howell, MI
Audrey Humphrey, St. David’s Southfield
Jean Orellana
Brett Tafel
Oceana Bailey, Trinity in the Woods
John LaBeau
Sharon Keel
Kristen Swan, St. John’s, Royal Oak
Nicholas Swan, St John’s, Royal Oak
Kathryn Else
Emily Seng
Richard Le Jeune, St John’s Eposcopal Church, Royal Oak
Susan Dougherty, All Saints Episcopal Church, East Lansing
Nancy Fischer, St Stephens Troy
Sara Bowman
Tim Higle
Andrea Blake
Shirley Harden, St. Andrew’s, Ann Arbor
Larry Zywicki, St.George Milford
Nathaniel Conn, St. John’s Royal Oak
Pamela Graham, Trinity Episcopal of Belleville Mi
Christine Wright
Rev. Dr. Tony Henderson
Douglas Shelton, St Mary’s in-the-Hills, Lake Orion
Colleen Lough Colleen Lough, Saint James Grosse Ile
The Rev. Dr. Andrew Guffey, St. Mary’s In-The-Hills, Lake Orion, MI
The Rev Margaret Sammons, St Paul’s, Dayton, OH
Dr. Edie Wakevainen, Grace Mt. Clemens
Jeff Hines, St. Andrews Grand Rapids
Linda Culpepper, Grace Episcopal – Detroit
Debby Reynolds, Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church
Canon Jeremy David Tarrant, Cathedral Church of St Paul
Mrs. Beth Rowley, Diocese of michigan
Betsy Elizabeth Austin-Harris, St James Episcopal Birmingham, MI & DOK Daughter at Large
Mr Stephen Capp, First Presbyterian Church, Birmingham
Paula Jones, St Patrick Madison Heights
Monica Schmit
Judy M Anderson, Trinity Episcopal, Belleville MI
Felicity Thompson, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor
Ms Madeleine Baier m, St. Andrew’s Episcopal church, Ann Arbor Michigan
Julie Travis, Trinity in the Woods
Jeri Alam, Church of the Holy Cross Novi
The Rev. Dr. Kit Carlson, All Saints Episcopal Church, East Lansing
The Rev. Mary Duerksen, Spirit of Grace
Adeline Hennebury, St. James, Birmingham
Randy Gilchrist
Richard Wallace
Sarah Newton, Westminster DC
Eric Braun, St. Luke’s, Ypsilanti
Dr. Barbara Mackey King
Bradley Munce, St. Paul’s, Brighton
Gabrielle Thomas
Jessica Thomas
Ms Amy Valesano, St. John’s Episcopal, Royal Oak, Michigan
Cindy Baldwin, Spirit of Grace Church
The Reverend Annie Brown Etheredge
Grover Croom
Kathleen Griffes, St Andrews Episcopal Church, Grand Rapids
Mary Hill, Trinity Episcopal Church. Belleville, MI
The Rev. Dr. Daniel Lawson, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Romeo MI
Rachid Hatem, St. Clare’s Episcopalian Church- Ann Arbor
Joseph Wernette-Harnden, All Saints Chicago
Paua Styer, Cathedral Church of St Paul, Detroit
Mr. Matthew Ranville, St. Aidan’s, Ann Arbor, MI
Rev Dr Lorraine Grinnell, Salem United Church of Christ, Albion, MI
Mrs. Dale Dabour, Church of the Holy Spirit, Lebanon NJ
Canon Jim Gettel, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
The Rev. Sr. Veronica Dunbar
The Rev. Diana Walworth, St. Michael & All Angels, Cambridge Junction
Annie Logue, All Saints Episcopal Church – Chicago
Maggie Emert
Rev Carol Ann Bullard
Leslie Herrick, City of Dearborn
Steve Fairman, St. John’s Royal Oak
Mary Timmons Fairman, St. John’s Royal Oak
Barbara And David Marshall, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church MadisonHts.
Lois Kolada, Vineyard Church of Columbus
Adrienne Sipkovsky-Owens
Nora Cook Smith, St. Luke’s, Ferndale, MI
Rev. Ruth Clausen
Julia Darrigan
Steve Case
Sara Fentress-Gannon, St James , Birmingham
Rev. Diana Thompson, First Baptist Church of South Bend, IN
Neil Story
Reilly Reilly Kerrigan
Sue Gsell, St. Chrysostom’s Chicago
The Rev. Dr. JoAnn Kennedy Slater, St. Luke’s in Ypsilanti
Garret Komatz, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Madison Heights
Adam DeLine, St. Michael and All Angels, Cambridge Junction
SC Mc Donald, St George’s Episcopal Church, Maplewood, NJ
Sherry Johnson, Trinity in the Woods
Peter Blum, St. Michael and All Angels – Cambridge Junction
Katrina Van Maanen, Christ Church Detroit
Rev Linda Ferguson, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Madison Heights, MI
Suzanne Rewold, St. Mary’s in-the-Hills
Jay Baldwin, Spirit of Grace Church
Susan M Burns, Saint James Church, Grosse Ile MI
Rosemary Hansen
Dr. David Coleman, Christ Church, Detroit and Spirit of the Wilderness EC (MN)
The Rt. Rev. Rayford Ray, Diocese of Northern Michigan
Pati McLellan, St. Francis Episcopal Church
Janet Symonette, St. Luke’s, Ypsilanti
Philip Weil
Dr. Marijim Thoene, St. Luke Episcopal of Ypsilanti, MI
Mary Jo Brough, St. James, Grosse Ile
Dr. Edward Maki-Schramm, Christ Church Detroit
Beth Ballbach, St. Luke’s – Ypsilanti
Catharine June, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Ypsilanti MI
Mary Williams Drouillard, Trinity in the Woods Episcopal Church
Sarah Buckley, Christ Church Cranbrook
Glenna Mrs Mount
Laddie Watson, St. Patrick’s Church, Kenwood, CA
Meghan Herold
Kathi Tarrant, Episcopal Church of St. Paul Detroit
Rev. Canon Lydia Bucklin, Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan
Ms Alinda wasner
Elizabeth Toplyn, St Luke’s
Eileen MacDonald, Christ Church Detroit
Carla Sare, Lighthouse
Judy Manson
Ms. Robbi Chisholm, St Stephens, Wyandotte, Michigan
Paul J. Noe, St Christopher’s Roman Catholic Church; Tonawanda, NY
Rebecca Morris, St. Cyprian’s Episcopal
Nancy Olexick, Trinity Episcopal Church, Gladstone, Mi
Kelly Maffit
Ruth Bates
Justice McNeal , St. John’s Royal Oak
Peyton McNeal, St. John’s Royal Oak
Balraj Nijhon
Mrs Joann Coble, Turning Pointe Dance Studio
Mr. Gary Coble
Marcia McCrary, St. Luke’s Episcopal, Ypsilanti
Emily Van Ark, St. Luke’s Ferndale
Fr. Steven J. Kelly, SSC, St. John’s Church, Detroit
Barbara Lindquist, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Lansing, MI
Dr. Virginia Shropshire
Dr. Kirk Lindquist, St. Paul’s, Lansing
The Rev. James Pashturro, Sts. Stephen & John Episcopal Churches
Barbara Bellinger-Heany
Ms. Hashi Hanta
Kevin Green, Christ Episcopal Church Dearborn
Katie Oppenheim, St Clare of Assisi
Rev. Josh Hoover, St. James Episcopal Church
Rev Kathy Guin
Sr. Mary Hilda Vance, Anamcara Fellowship
Joyce Van Ornam
Mary A Kimber
Theresa Vincent, Holy innocents
Janet Timmons, Spirit of Grace a Lutheran-Episcopal Community
Cindy VanEtten, Springfield, IL
Lee Hagey Lee Hagey
Christa Kalcec, St John’s Royal Oak
Janice Landrum , REPAIR — Rivertowns Épiscopal Parishes Action on Inclusion and Race
Anna Baseley, Christ Church Detroit
Dr. Kathleen Walworth, St. Michael and All Angels, Cambridge Jct.
The Rev. Gregg Schneider, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Beloit WI
Marjorie Clements, St. Philip’s – Rochester
Ms Kaaren Joslyn, Nativity Episcopal Church
Sarah Tyriver
Karen Fleming, Christ Church Detroit
Deacon Deborah Burns, Trinity Episcopal Church, Lawrence, Kansas
Rev Linda Piper
Rev. Wanda Russell, Inclusive Catholic Ministries of Northeast Florida
Sharon Martin
Charles H. Carlson Charles Carlson, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – Ann Arbor, Mi.
Lynne Schroeder
Rev and Douglas and Joan Carson, St. Claire of Assisi Episcopal Church
Joan Carson, St. Clare Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor
Ms JoAnn Socha, St, Andrews Ann Arbor
Rev Doug Carson, St. Clare, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Lynn Arnold, St Barnabas , Chelsea
Wally Arnold, St. Barnabas, Chelsea
Jennifer, Garrett-Callaghan
Shug Goodlow, Episcopal Diocese of Missouri
Rev. Denise Griebler, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Detroit
John Hoefffler, St. James Episcopal Church
Ms. Yolanda Butcher
Rosemary Sullivan, Roman Catholic
Jeffrey T. Rogg, Grace Episcopal, Menominee
Mrs. Cynthia Hodges
Glenn Henderson, St. Luke’s
Marti DeWolf, St. Stephens Episcopal-Hamburg
Beth Lee
Archie Handy, St Michael and All Angels Cambridge Junction
Susan Smereck, St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Pat Muth
Dr. Askari Asante, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak
Jennifer Taub, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak MI
Angela Guest, St. John’s Royal Oak
Amy Pfaff
Kevin Vander Tuig, St Andrew’s A2, Trinity Cleveland
Bruce Donigan, St. John’s Royal Oak, Covenant 5
Mary Beth Weigel, St. John’s – Royal Oak
John Tower, St. John’s Royal Oak
Rev. Halim Shukair, Christ Episcopal Church Dearborn
Karen Beck, Christ Church Dearborn
Mr. David Baschal, The Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Michaela Hennebury, St James Birmingham
Debra Lawson, St. James Episcopal Church
Maryann LeComb, St. John’s Episcopal Church Royal Oak
James Mitchell, St. Marks Parish Newaygo MI
Sheeba Zacharia, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak
Dr. Sylvia Booth
Marion Jackson
The Rev. Bryant Dennison
Emily Wogaman, St James Birmingham
Dean P. Simmer, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit
Mrs & Mr Prema & Clement Prabakaran, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit, MI
JoAn Wetzel, St. Andrew’s, Ann Arbor
Lt. Governor John Cherry, Cathedral Church of St. Paul’s
Charles Atwater, Christ Church Detroit
T. Bruce Robson, St; John’s, Royal Oak MI
E. Jean Behl, St. Philips Episcopal Church Rochester, MI
Rev Megan Wilson, Hope United Church of Christ
Catherine Fobes, St. Michael’s, Lansing, MI
Dr. Tara Breslin, St. Clare’s Ann Arbor
Mrs Linda Gillespie, St George’s Episcopal in Milford, Mi
Anne Baird
Ronald Belanger, St Luke’s Ferndale
Lore Jackson
Eleanor Stryker, St. Paul’s Romeo
Gwen Paradowski, Holy Cross Novi
Karen Marie Hoth, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Ferndale
Donna Cetin
Charles Parker, St Michael and All Angels, Lincoln Park
Rachel Baird, St. Aidan’s, Ann Arbor
J. Chris Moran, St John’s Episcopal Royal Oak, Mi
Ms. Kathleen, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Claudia Osborn, St John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak, MI
Daniel Martin, St Johns Episcopal Church Royal Oak, MI
Ms Lisa White
Barbara Heath, St. John’s, Royal Oak
Pamela Nygaard, St. Stephen’s Escanaba
Jack Frost
Tammy Rees, St Michaels Lansing
Dr. Heather Cochran, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church – Ypsilanti, MI
Michelle Lane, All Saints Pontiac
Dr. John Koh, Trinity in the Woods, Farmington Hills
Ms. Linda Adkins
Carolyn Blackmore, Christ church, Dearborn MI
Barbara Bird Evans
Ms Linda Baker
Gillian Catchpole, St.James, Birmingham
Teri Landreth, Holy Cross Novi
Ms Juanta Woods, All Saints, Detroit
Sr Susan Brigit Brooks, AF, St. David Episcopal Church; Anamchara Fellowship
Pamela Lloyd, Spirit of Grace
Paul Wise, St. Andrews, Ann Arbor
Ms Marie Donigan, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak
Ms. Christine Modey, St. Clare of Assisi Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor
Rev. Deacon Winnie Cook
Lisa Uchno, All Saints’ Pontiac
Ann and Charles Smith, St. Johns
The Rev’d Cynthia A. Garman, Trinity Episcopal Church, Monroe MI
Marisa & Dominic Bennett, Christ Church Grosse Pointe, MI
Mrs. Marcia Humphries-Evans, St. Cyprian’s, Detroit
James Wessel Walker, St. Andrew’s Ann Arbor
Margaret Breeden, St. James, Dexter
Martha Lynch, All Saints East Lansing
Nancy Cannon
Mary Hoffman
Mr. Richard Harris
Darlene Williams, St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church
Alexandra Mueller, St. John’s Royal Oak
Fr Bill Stech, St. Barnabas Chelsea
Toni Dennis, All Saints – East Lansing
Roger Weekes, All Saints Episcopal Church, Detroit
Rev. Sally Boelter, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor, MI
Marguerite Halversen, All Saints Episcopal Church, East Lansing
Jeanne Martens, Christ Episcopal Church Dearborn
Mr Thom Nealssohn, Christ Church Grosse Pointe
Jon Miller, Christ Church, Detroit
Nell Corkin, All Saints Episcopal Church, East Lansing
Janice Weber, St. James, Dexter, MI
Christina Armbruster, St. James Grosse Ile
Maggie Stevens, Trinity Lutheran
The Rev. John H. Conners, St. John’s, Plymouth, MI
Mrs Unah Matu-Ngare, St. Matthews and St Josephs episcopal church in Detroit, MI
Jacqueline Phillips
Daniel McGraw, Holy Faith Saline, Michigan
Clarkel Flewelling, Holy Faith Saline, Michigan
Stephen Peterson, American Federation of Government Employees
Mrs. Violeta Peterson, AMEROCAN
Martha Seaman McKee, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Lansing, Michigan
Mary Williams, Women’s Prison Ministry Outreach
Janet Tornow, St. James Episcopal Church in Dexter, MI