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Grace & Gratitude Fund

The Grace & Gratitude Fund

Created to help assure the legacy of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

For more than a century, we have worked hard to proclaim the Word of God through both our words and our actions.

In times of prosperity and during times of challenge, our mission has remained steadfast. Our commitment to the community goes well beyond daily, weekly or even yearly focus. Our commitment is for the long term. And because of that, our mission is stronger than any resistance the current economic conditions may present. Our determined focus never changes during times of prosperity, either.

With a strong desire to maintain fiscal responsibility, the Diocese continues to invigorate its congregations and its members through its nurturing presence. Our commitment to ministry, spiritual and social programs, and communications remains evident. Again, the Diocese is in it for the long haul. Safe, careful planning is a foundation for this presence.

The Trustees of the Diocese of Michigan have established the Grace and Gratitude Trust Fund, which has allowed us to continue a proud tradition of serving while keeping an eye on the future. This fund lets us know our good work today is laying a firm foundation for tomorrow. One of the best gifts we can provide to our children and grandchildren is the knowledge of a bright future for the Diocese of Michigan.



Our stated mission priorities are:

  • Congregational Development
  • Lifelong learning
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • College Chaplaincies
  • Capital Improvements
  • Recreation, Camping or Conference Ministries
  • Stewardship and Planned Giving
  • Communications
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