Bishop Transition Update

The Bishop Search and Nomination Committee is very pleased to announce the publication of our diocesan profile, available at the following link:

Episcopal Diocese of Michigan Profile

This profile represents many hours of work on the part of your Search and Nomination Committee. It also represents many conversations with people throughout the diocese, including laity and clergy, members of diocesan committees, and diocesan staff. The committee is deeply grateful to everyone who shared their insights, their concerns, and their hopes with us throughout the last few months. You helped this profile speak with the people’s voice. We are also grateful to Anna Schroen, Director of Communications, who designed the profile and brought to life our words and ideas.

Through this profile, we represent ourselves to potential bishop candidates, so that we may, together, begin the process of discernment. Now, we ask each of you for your help in sharing it far and wide, with friends and colleagues in ministry around the country and around the world, via email and social media.

Personal invitation is crucial if we are to recruit a strong and diverse candidate pool with whom we can move forward in discernment. If you know of someone you think might be a good fit, we encourage you to nominate them using the form linked below. We will contact them to invite them to apply.

Nomination Form

We will receive nominations until November 1 and applications until November 16. Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers as we move into the next phase of the search process.


the Search and Nomination Committee