#DC182: A rundown of information from our recent Diocesan Convention

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The Friday-evening Convention Eucharist.

The Friday-evening Convention Eucharist.

The following is a Summary of Action taken from the 182nd Convention for the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, held Oct. 21-22 in Lansing.

ADOPTED, without amendment, the 2017 Diocesan Operating Budget in the amount of $2,290,185.

ADOPTED Resolution #1 (Enactment of General Convention Resolutions) with two minor amendments, replacing the word “enact” with the word “advance” in lines 7 and 65.

ADOPTED Resolution #2 (God is not a Republican or a Democrat) with no amendments.

APPROVED an amendment to the Canons of the Diocese of Michigan regarding Governing Deaneries and Deans ( and an amendment to the Canons of the Diocese of Michigan regarding Academic Chaplaincies (

CONSIDERED the first reading of the Resolutions Referred to Dioceses from the 78th General Convention, which included the following proposed Constitutional Amendments:  B011 (Amend Article 11.7): D003 (Amend Article V), D008 (Amend Article 1.1).


The Rev. James Rhodenhiser comments from the floor of Convention.

The Rev. James Rhodenhiser comments from the floor of Convention.

ELECTED Dawn McDuffie and the Rev. Dcn. Brian Shaffer to the Cathedral Chapter; Pamela Wagner and the Rev. James Pashturro to the Commission on Ministry; Michael Stewart and the Rev. Beth Taylor to the Disciplinary Board; Ann Putallaz and the Rev. Joyce Matthews to the Standing Committee; Julia Belian, Linda Culpepper, Martha Shea, Michael Stewart and the Rev. Chris Yaw to the Trustees; Eric Travis, Elizabeth Anderson, Cedric Flounory, Steve Ott, the Rev. Phil Dinwiddie, the Rev. Lisa Tucker-Gray, the Rev. Deon Johnson and the Rev. Judith Schellhammer as deputies to General Convention; Edie Wakevainen, Felicity Thompson, Carol Latimer, the Rev. Susan Anslow Williams, the Rev. Paul Castelli, the Rev. Ellis Clifton and the Rev. Dcn. Jenny Ritter as alternate deputies to General Convention

CONFIRMED the Bishop’s Appointment of the Ven. Keith Mackenzie to the Commission on Ministry.

LISTENED TO AND ENGAGED in Special Orders of Business related to our theme “Waters of Reconciliation – Who is our Neighbor?” 

PARTICIPATED in inspiring worship including an uplifting sermon by the Rev. Canon Ron Spann with music by Canterbury House University of Michigan and Morning Prayer led by the Youth and Young Adults of the Diocese.

The Rev. Ron Spann gives the Convention sermon.

The Rev. Canon Ron Spann delivers the Convention sermon.

DONATED a total of $2,800.00 during the worship offertory, which will be shared equally between our ongoing companion relationship with the Diocese of The Dominican Republic and relief efforts from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, especially in Haiti, through the Episcopal Relief and Development.

HEARD a most challenging, thought provoking and timely Convention Address by the Rt. Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr.

Submitted by the Rev. Dr. W. Richard Hamlin, Secretary of Convention
(Subject to verification by official minutes)

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