In light of Primates’ action, we must maintain our mission

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gibbs statementDear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

In our age of nearly immediate communication, the news of the Primates meeting/decisions is spreading quite rapidly. As usual, not all reports are accurate. Our Presiding Bishop and Primate, Michael Curry, has already posted a video in response to the breaking news. I urge you to watch it (or at least read the transcript).

The reported “consequences” for The Episcopal Church following its actions at General Convention 2015 regarding marriage are not a dismissal of The Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion!  It is important to remind you that the Anglican Communion is, first and foremost, a network of living relationships; it is not about governance; it is not about synodical authority over the internal life and decision making of member churches. The announcement which has been publicized will not change the commitment of the Diocese of Michigan to the full inclusion of all of God’s people in the life and ministry of our diocese.  You are all aware of my commitment to and support of marriage equality for all people and the vote of a majority of Primates will not change that.

We will have to be patient to discover exactly what Anglican Communion committees will not benefit from the full participation of Episcopalians for the time of the “consequences”.  However, I assure you that our commitment to mission with and among those less fortunate than ourselves and our commitment to the Waters of Reconciliation among the diverse populations of our communities will continue.

Dear friends, I have said before and I say again, it’s about relationship! We will and we must continue to reach out to and seek partnership with the other if we are to succeed in our mission to “restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.”

The Rt. Rev’d Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr.
Bishop of Michigan

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