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Emergency Preparation

Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness and Response Coordinator

The Rev. Deacon Glenn Morrison serves as the Disaster Preparedness and Response Coordinator. He has special training and a background in law enforcement and emergency planning; his expertise is available to all churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.

While we encourage all congregations to Contact Deacon Glenn by Email or call him at (248) 892-2735, we also request all who are interested to take a close look at a tremendous resource offered through Episcopal Relief and Development.

Click Here to view a Comprehensive Disaster Plan.

Rev. Deacon Glenn Morrison

The Rev. Deacon Glenn Morrison serves as the disaster preparedness coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. Deacon Morrison is always willing to meet with any church to discuss a general overview of safety and preparation.

“We, as a diocese that desires to be welcoming and loving to all those that come into our places of worship, want nothing else than to know that we are providing everyone a safe place to do so,” he said. “I welcome any parish that wishes to have me come look at their place of worship and discuss security issues that can accomplish that goal. Most of this may be something as simple as how to educate all those who use our buildings, as well as how to recognize potential threats.

“I encourage everyone to take time to start to think about this right now. We do not want to wait until it happens to think about preparing.”

Click Here to email Deacon Morrison, or call him at (248) 892-2735.