Safeguarding – Special Sessions

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How do I set up a special Safeguarding session for my parish?

Many parishes, the larger ones in particular find themselves having a somewhat frequent need to schedule Safeguarding sessions. This can be due to new hires, numerous individuals whose training expired at the same time, and a host of other factors.

Special sessions have become quite popular in the last year and it has been a great help to both the parishes as well as Whitaker Institute.

What are special sessions?
Special session of Safeguarding are workshops that are scheduled specifically for those parishes expressing a great need for training. These sessions typically do not appear on the regular Whitaker schedule line-up. However, in most cases, other people outside of the hosting parish are welcome to attend.

What are the requirements for setting up a special session?
Since there is a stipend & mileage paid to the trainers, we ask that the parish have a minimum of 15 people attending. The building MUST be handicap accessible.

Also, the hosting parish will need to adhere to the following:

A.  Be barrier free.
B.  Provide Classroom-style set up for approximately 25 people (or as needed for pre-registration number plus walk-ins).
C.  Provide a (small) table for registration (preferably near the door).
D.  Have a table top lectern or music stand near the front of the room for facilitator use.
E.  Have room temperature set at normal temperature for daytime occupancy.
F.  Provide working TV and DVD player (with adequate sound for audience).
G.  Have building and classroom area available 1 hour prior to start time for trainer set-up.
H.  Provide Coffee/Hot Tea/Light Refreshments.  (may ask for donations to cover cost).
I.  Provide a contact name and phone number in case of emergency prior to workshop date.

I have all of the above. What now?
Complete the HOSTING FORM (at the bottom of this page) and email it to Knena Causey at

Please give at a month’s notice. The process of checking trainer’s availability and producing the materials can take a little time, so please keep this in mind when considering hosting a special session.

What is the cost for special sessions?
The cost differs based on the request. For example, some parishes hold both sessions (Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People). Others choose just to hold one of the workshops which typically is Safeguarding God’s Children.

The standard cost for attending Safeguarding workshops is $30.00 per person, per workshop.
(Safeguarding God’s Children = $30.00      Safeguarding God’s People = $30.00)

For special sessions, we generally charge a flat fee to cover the cost of the instructors, mileage and materials.

Depending on your need this would determine the cost. For example, some parishes only have a need for the Safeguarding God’s Children session, while others have a need for both the Safeguarding God’s Children, and Safeguarding God’s People.

The cost based on need, is as follows:

$300 for each session, or $550 for  both if you’re holding both sessions on the same day.



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