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totalFor the past decade, the Diocese of Michigan has embraced the model of Total Ministry as a viable and essential paradigm for ministry embracing the foundational concept of the ministry of all the baptized. There are currently several churches in the diocese that have fully engaged this model and are either currently in training and discernment or are already engaged with leaders that are either commissioned or ordained as members of a team serving in their respective liturgical, sacramental, pastoral, educational or administrative roles.

The national canons require each diocese to make provision for the affirmation and development of the ministry of all baptized persons, including assistance in understanding that all baptized persons are called to minister in Christ’s name, to identify their gifts with the help of the Church and to serve Christ’s mission at all times and in all places. The Commission on Ministry has developed a sub-committee focused for Total Ministry discernment and development and are actively engaged in securing the resources, training and support for these and other congregations interested in exploring this model.

Downloadable Resources/Links

Customary for Total Ministry
Total Ministry Covenant Handbook
Formation of New Leadership/New Member
Formation of New Leadership/Integrating Member
Application for Renewal of TM License
Formation of New Leadership/Taking Leave

Contact for more information

Nancy Ann McLaughlin
Ministry Developer
Total Ministry congregation and Ministry Support Team guidance
(313) 833-4421

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