Resources for Continuing Education


Within the Diocese

The Academy for Vocational Leadership is a three year formation program for deacons and total ministry support team members in the Diocese of Michigan. The Saturday Series is open to the public and is the core academic part of the academy. Year-long classes are offered in the Bible, Church History and Theology.

The Whitaker Institute offers many courses and workshops that are designed to enrich and support the ministry of all the baptized. Regular courses include:


Programs Offered by Episcopal Seminaries

Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) offers a Certificate in Anglican Studies is offered with two options: Residential and Low Residence. The Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership at CDSP offers regular online courses and has developed two series, making it possible for students to focus their study in a programmatic way. Each series will enable students to receive an Online Continuing Education Certificate.

Bexley Seabury offers the Diploma in Anglican Studies in two formats as well: Hybrid-intensive learning and Weekly Classroom setting. Nearly every course at Bexley Seabury can be taken for continuing education or for the love of learning. Bexley Seabury Leadership Institute at the Kellogg School is offered each June at Northwestern University.

Other Online Resources

ChurchNext is an online platform that offers short video presentations by a wide variety of leaders and scholars.
The Center for Biblical Studies offers programs to help you engage the Bible like the Bible Challenge, a way to read the Bible in a year.

Anti-Racism and Diversity Workshops

Visions, Inc.

Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training


Continuing Education Guidelines and Reports

Continuing Education Guidelines for Clergy
Continuing Education Guidelines for Laity
Continuing Education Form

Priests, deacons and commissioned team members should send their annual reports each year by March 1 for the prior year to the Director of the Whitaker Institute. Other lay persons should submit their reports to their Rector, Vicar or Priest-in-Charge.