Volunteer Your Cost Down

Volunteer Your Cost Down

As a way to make all our YAYA programs accessible to all, we have created our VYCD program. It stands for Volunteer Your Cost Down, and here is what it means.

For all YAYA programs $200 or more, participants can do volunteer work at their church to lower the cost. For each hour of NEW volunteer work, you will reduce your cost by $50.


If you would like to VYCD to a YAYA program:

  • Pay a 10% deposit when you register.
  • Indicate you are VCYD.
  • Talk with the Leader (Rector, Priest in Charge, Youth Leader, Senior Warden) at your church and negotiate what volunteer work you can do.
  • After or near the completion of your volunteer work, come back here and complete the VYCD form. You can download it or fill it out online.
  • Send the completed form to the Missioner for Youth and Young Adults.

We hope that you will take advantage of this program and participate in our YAYA Events.


Click here to access the VYCD form when you have completed, or are near completion of your volunteer work.