• Listen and Hear
    Preaching in The Age of COVID-19
  • Staying Home Doesn't Mean
    Staying Silent
    Feed your neighbors - Send a Prayer
  • Community
    Organizing Training
    February 12-13, 2021, 10am – 2pm each day
  • Continuing our Vigil
    Prayers for The Epiphany Season
  • Online & Phone Worship
    For Small Congregations
    Worship Sundays at 10am, Bible Study at 12pm
  • COVID-19 Directive
    Details regarding worship during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Best Little Bytes
    Best best practices from the EDOMI Technology Task Force.
  • Resources for Responding to
    Racist Violence
  • Donate Online
    To Your Congregation
  • Resources for Remote
    and Online Worship and Ministry
    Regarding the COVID-19 Virus