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Communications Resources

Communications Resources

If you work in communications for your congregation, whether full time, part time or volunteer, please feel free to use the resources below for your ministry. This section will be updated continually, so if there are resources that you would like to see that are not included currently, please contact Anna Schroen, Director of Communications at

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Website Resources

Website checklist – Whether you’re building a new church website or updating an existing one, this checklist will help ensure that your site contains all important and necessary information.

Web Resource Guide – This guide links you to resources for everything from domain hosts, web builders, design tools, email marketing, SEO and much more.

Communications Resources

Creating a Communications Manual – This document provides a framework for creating a communications manual including the mission and vision statement, style guide, social media plan and more.

Communications Priorities Worksheet – This worksheet will assist you in determining what your communications prorities should be and how you can begin to tackle them.

Public Relations Resources

Press Release Example – This press release is an example of a successful, local press release. If you have an event or announcement that you think may be pressworthy and you would like assistance with your press release, contact Anna Schroen at


Sample PowerPoint Template 1

Sample PowerPoint Template 2

Content/Media Resources

The Episcopal Video Network – This is a great site specifically geared toward Episcopal congregations that will guide you through making a great video on a shoestring budget.