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The College for Congregational Development


What is The College for Congregational Development?

  •  A two-year comprehensive training program for laity and clergy
  • The College began in  the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia with the leadership of The Most Rev. Melissa Skelton, who will be with us for the first two years of the program.  
  • Grounded in both organization development theory/practice and in the unique ecclesial tradition, ethos, and character of the Episcopal/Anglican church

What do participants learn?

The College seeks to equip people with knowledge and skills at three different levels: individual, team or group, and whole system. The program includes teaching of theory, engaging in application exercises and experiential learning segments, and planning, doing, and reflecting on back-home projects.

The program works toward the development of a learning community of lay and ordained leaders from congregations throughout the diocese, who share common experiences and skills and a common language for working together.

Facilitation skills are a particularly central practical element that we work on throughout the program. In terms of theory, we make extensive use of a set of core models oriented toward thinking about congregational systems; a variety of other models are introduced throughout the program as various topics are covered.

The Details:

Dates: June 5-11, 2022

Location and costs coming soon