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Loans & Grants


The Diocese of Michigan has several resources available for loans and/or grants for various program support, ministries, and brick and mortar projects for congregations and agencies of the diocese.

Click on the links below to download forms.

Small Program Grants Available to Diocesan Worshipping Communities

Grant applications for both Social Service Ministries and Advocacy/Public Witness are due no later than March 15, 2023.  Questions?  Contact Canon Jo Ann Hardy

Each year, our Diocesan Council is committed to supporting existing and new programs in our congregations that make a difference in your local context.  Is there a ministry in your worshipping community that is of particular relevance to your community and the neighbors whom you serve?  If so, please consider applying for one of the grants below:

Social Service Ministries Grants:

These grants, which average between $200-$3,000, assist congregations and agencies in our diocese that support those in their communities most in need of help and hope.  In recent years, grants have been awarded primarily to programs that support the community with basic needs of food, clothing, housing, medical care and education for children.  In 2022, we were able to support the programs of fifteen diocesan agencies and congregations, spanning the geography of our entire diocese!  (Total available to disburse: $53,500)

To apply for a Social Service Ministries Grant, click here. 


Advocacy/Public Witness Grants (Covenant Five):

These grants (average $200–$1,000) assist our worshipping communities to participate in public policy/grass-roots efforts for social change or other peace and justice concerns. These efforts may include organizing or joining existing legislative advocacy efforts, sponsoring educational events, letter-writing campaigns, or other publications, etc.  (Total available to disburse: $22,000)

To apply for an Advocacy/Public Witness Grant, click here.



Diocesan Council Loan Fund

Applications for both accepted throughout the year. Grants are awarded for bricks and mortar/building improvements. Loans may be considered for a variety of uses.
Diocesan Council Loans and Grants Application

Trustees Tretheway Grants

These grants and loans are awarded by the Trustees of the diocese for a variety of projects, including bricks and mortar. Most grants are limited to $10,000. Please contact Mark Miliotto at or 313-833-4427 for more information.

TD grant application

2023 Tretheway Downs/Batchelder Children’s Funds

Summer Program Assistance Request

The purpose of the Tretheway Downs/Batchelder Children’s Fund grant is to provide
assistance for summer programs for children (i.e., camp scholarships, etc.)

Submit your applications by March 1, 2023.

2023 TD Children’s Fund Grant form

For more information, please contact Canon Jo Ann Hardy, Diocesan Administrator, at or (313) 833-4422.


Loans and Grants Committee Documents (Password Protected)