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Spirituality and Race Initiative

A Prayer for Spirituality and Race by Sister Vee

Beloved One:
May your holy reign of justice and peace
Come on earth and in heaven.
Give us today neither poverty nor riches,
But only our daily bread;
So that we may never turn from you,
Either in bitterness from want,
Or in arrogance from plenty.
Beloved One, you are always forgiving us;
Give us grace to turn to each other  with the same forgiveness.
Beloved One, we walk a wilderness road
That is often dark and beset by evil;
Be our steadfast companion, our light, and our sure rescue;
For you are Love:  Uncreated, Incarnate and Everlasting.

Embodying Christ In The World

When we listened to one another’s hopes for our Diocese during our search for a new Bishop, we heard a deep desire to continue and to strengthen the work of reconciliation in our communities.  The entire Diocese was invited to join together on Wednesday, January 12, at 7:00PM through Zoom to learn about the next steps we are taking to embody that hope. We heard about current work and new opportunities envisioned for the next year, and how each of us can take part in building beloved community.