Cycle of Prayer

The Cycle of Prayer

The cycle of prayer is a collection of intercessions for our worshipping communities; their members, leadership and ministries. The Cycle of Prayer is published annually by the Diocese of Michigan.

Please remember at each service:

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
Michael B. Curry, our Presiding Bishop
Our Bishop, Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr.
Our Bishop-elect, Bonnie A. Perry
Moises Quezada Mota, Bishop, Diocese of the Dominican Republic
Elizabeth Eaton, ELCA Presiding Bishop,
Donald P. Kreiss, ELCA Bishop, SE Michigan Synod,
Craig A. Satterlee, ELCA Bishop, NW Lower Michigan Synod.
Our retired bishop, Stewart Wood; our retired community, spouses and companions.
Our diocesan household: Committees, commissions, ministries, agencies, priests, deacons, lay leaders, volunteers and staff persons.


Please pray for our worshipping communities below; their members, leadership and ministries. (DR: Dominican Republic). Download a copy of the 2020 Cycle of Prayer here.



5          Mt. Clemens’ – Grace Church, San Cristobal, DR – St. Michael’s, Carreton, DR – St. Anthony of Padua

12        Livonia – St. Andrew’s, Belleville – Trinity Church, Bonao, DR – Church of the Pentecost

19        East Lansing – Canterbury MSU, Clinton – St. John’s, San Pedro, DR – Good Shepherd

26       Santa Fe, DR – Holy Cross, Pizarrete, DR – St. Barnabas, Plymouth – St. John’s, Santana, DR – St. Martha’s



2          Santo Domingo, DR – St. John the Evangelist, Lincoln Park – St. Michael & All Angels, East Lansing – All Saints’

9         Puerto Plata, DR – Christ the King, Boca Chica, DR – Grace Church, Inkster – St. Clement’s

16        Consuelo, DR – St. Gabriel’s, Grosse Pointe – Christ Church, Mao, DR – St. Mary, Full of Grace

23       Carreras, DR – Holy Spirit, Dearborn – Christ Church



1         Guerra, DR – Divine Providence, Troy – St. Stephen’s, Milford – St. George’s

      Santo Domingo, DR – Holy Trinity, San Pedro, DR – Good Shepherd, Pleasant Lake – Christ Church

15       Novi – Emmaus Ministry, Jalongo, DR – St. Matthew’s, Gautier, DR – St. Thomas’

22       Howell – St. John’s, Hamburg – St. Stephen’s, Bani, DR – Church of the Transfiguration

29       Cambridge Junction/Onsted – St. Michaels & All Angels, Rochester – St. Stephen’s



5          Mason – St. Augustine of Canterbury. Grosse Ile – St. James’, Mendoza, DR – St. Ann’s

12         Dona Lila, DR – Church of the Great Commission, DeWitt – Christ United, Redford – St. Elizabeth’s

19         El Siebo, DR – Ascension, Detroit – Church at Crossroads, Mosovi, DR – Divine Grace

26        Ann Arbor – St. Andrew’s , Carreras, DR – Holy Spirit, Santo Domingo, DR – St. Margaret’s, Dearborn -Mother of the Savior – Arab-American Christian Ministry



3          San Pedro, DR – St. Stephen’s, Sal Salcedo, DR – Nativity Church, Detroit – All Saints’

10        San Francisco, DR – Jesus of Nazareth, Jackson – St. Paul’s, Detroit – Cathedral Church of St. Paul

17        Ypsilanti – St. Luke’s, Ecorse – Church of the Resurrection, Azuza, DR – Church of the Reconciliation

24        Dajabon, DR – Holy Comforter, Allen Park – St. Luke’s, Lansing – St. Paul’s

31        Santo Domingo, DR – St. Philip the Apostle, Monroe – Trinity Church



7          Brooklyn – All Saints’, Madison Heights – St. Patrick’s, Haina, DR – St. Mark’s

14         Jalongo, DR – St. Matthew’s, Brighton – St. Paul’s, El Siebo, DR – Ascension

21        Southgate – Grace Church, Michigan Center – St. Aidan’s

28       La Romana, DR – Church of the Incarnation, Adrian – Christ Church, St. Clair Shores – Trinity Church



        Westland – St. John’s, Nizao, DR – St. Timothy’s

12        San Marcos, DR – St. Simon’s, Saline – Holy Faith Church, Jimani, DR – St. Titus’, Detroit – Trinity (Spirit of Hope)

19        Shelby Twp. – St. Luke’s, Bonao, DR – St. John the Baptist, Azuza, DR – St. George’s

26        Ann Arbor – Canterbury House/U of M, Cabarete, DR – St. Cornelius, Dexter – St. James’



        Bloomfield Hills – Christ Church Cranbrook, Santiago, DR – Christ the Savior, Los Conucos, DR – St. Peter’s

        Gautier, DR – St. Thomas’, Novi – Holy Cross

16        Pittsfield Township – Church of the Incarnation, Mosovi, DR – Divine Grace

23       Ann Arbor – St. Aidan’s, Angelina, DR – James the Apostle, Detroit – St. Peter’s

30       Royal Oak – St. John’s, San Cristobal, DR – St. Bartholomew



6          Santo Domingo, DR – Cathedral of the Epiphany, Bloomfield Township – Nativity Church, Barahona, DR – Church of the Redeemer

13       Lake Orion – St. Mary’s-in-the-Hills, Farmington Hills – Trinity Church, Taylor – Christ the King

20      Williamston – St. Katherine’s, Carreton, DR – Holy Name, Nizao, DR – St. Matthew’s

27       Detroit – St. Cyprian’s, Mendoza, DR – St. Ann’s, West Bloomfield – Spirit of Grace



4          Dona Lila, DR – Church of the Great Commission, Santo Domingo, DR – St. Margaret’s, Southfield – St. David’s

11         Santo Domingo, DR – St. Andrew’s, San Pedro, DR – Advent, Clarkston – Church of the Resurrection

18       Pontiac – All Saints’, Santiago, DR – St. Luke’s, Lansing – St. Michael’s, Chelsea – St. Barnabas’

25       Peidra Blanca, DR – St. John the Evangelist, Barahone, DR – Church of the Redeemer, Detroit – Church of the Messiah, Ferndale – St. Luke’s



1           Santiago, DR – Church of Annunciation, Birmingham – St. James’

8          Wyandotte – St. Stephen’s, Santo Domingo, DR – Holy Trinity

15        Bani, DR – Church of the Transfiguration, Hillsdale – St. Peter’s

22       San Francisco, DR – Good Samaritan, Detroit – Grace Church, La Romana, DR – All Saints’

29       Boca Chica, DR – St. Joseph’s. Southfield – Church of the Redeemer, Romeo – St. Paul’s



6          Grosse Pointe Woods – St. Michael’s, Santo Domingo, DR – Holy Family, Ann Arbor – St. Clare of Assisi

13        Trenton – St. Thomas’, San Isidro, DR – St. Paul & St. Luke, Detroit – Christ Church

20        San Cristobal, DR – St. Bartholomew, Detroit – St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s, Montillano, DR – St. Mary the Virgin

27       Detroit – St. John’s, Waterford – St. Andrew’s, Jimani, DR – St. Paul the Apostle, Barahona, DR – Jesus the Pilgrim