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Safe Church

Safe Church, Safe Communities


The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan is committed to safeguard all of God’s children. This policy intends to demonstrate that commitment to creating safe environments, especially for children, youth, and vulnerable adults, from sexual, physical and/or personal abuse or exploitation.

Introduction to the new Safe Church, Safe Communities

The Church is called to embody and advance God’s mission. Ministry is the vocation of the whole community: laypersons, deacons, priests, and bishops who together represent Christ and the Church in the world.

The obligation to seek and serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being is binding for all the baptized. The authority with which leaders — ordained persons, adults who minister with minors (children and youth), youth in leadership roles, and adults who minister with vulnerable — are entrusted, creates an inherent power imbalance in the pastoral relationship. This power imbalance derives from the leadership role and, in the case of clergy, the symbolic authority of an ordained person. Christian leadership is intended to provide occasions for guidance and grace, and its abuse is always and unequivocally wrong.

In response to the Safe Church Model Policies that were adopted in 2017, The Task Force to Develop Model Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies & Safe Church Training has been working hard to create new trainings to accompany the model policies. All of these trainings are being designed as online courses that can to be taken at any time.

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The new Safe Church, Safe Communities modules are offered online, at no cost, through Praesidium Academy. Once you are are logged in, you will be able to select the Safe Church, Safe Communities courses you need to take, as well as print a “transcript” of the courses you have completed.

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Children/Youth Leaders & Volunteers Module Requirements

You can download the new chart of training requirements based on ministry and leadership roles, here. (updated 11-17-22)

Safe Church Digital Policies:

  1. Please see EDOMI Social Media Policy to guide our communities regarding Social Media use.
  2. Check out this recent Being Mindful in a Digital World page for leaders of Children and Youth.
  3. This Best Practices document outlines safe approaches for online worship and fellowship gatherings.
  4. This 4-minute video from Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary outlines Safe Church and Online Practices (March, 2020) regarding Zoom online use.