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189th Diocesan Convention 2023 Summary of Action

The 189th Convention of the Diocese of Michigan

was October 20/21, 2023

at The Suburban Collection Diamond Center, Novi (In-person)

Located at: 46100 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48374

Summary of Action


The 189th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Michigan, meeting in Novi, Michigan on October 20/21, 2023, took the following action:

• Received the Chapel of St. Luke’s, Canterbury on the Lake as a worshipping community of the diocese.

• Adopted a 2024 Diocesan Operating Budget in the amount of $2,460,287; approved the formula for calculating the apportionment for congregational support of the 2025 diocesan operating budget – based on 10% of the three-year average of each congregation’s normal operating income as reported in the Parochial Report in the years 2021, 2022 and 2023.

• Participated in table group bible study during the Eucharist on Luke 4:16-22, answering the final question: How might our insights about this passage change how we live our lives?

• Heard a moving sermon, motivating us to celebrate our past in order to move boldly into the future, by The Rt. Rev. Dr. Bonnie A. Perry. You can read a transcript of the sermon by clicking here. You can watch the sermon by clicking here.

• Received an offering in the amount of $3,412 to the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem to be used towards their healthcare work in the midst of violence. If you would like to contribute to this offering, click “Convention Offering” here.

• Adopted a first reading of Diocesan Constitutional amendment to add youth delegates to the annual Diocesan Convention with seat, voice, and vote.

• Adopted a canonical amendment (2.4.5) to allow election as Delegate to Provincial Synod of those who are not General Convention Deputies.

• Adopted canonical amendments related to the staffing of the Diocesan Office (2.1.3 through 2.2).

• Adopted a resolution calling for the creation of a Diocesan Task Force on Climate Change.

• Adopted a resolution in support of Migration with Dignity adapted from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

• Adopted a resolution calling for the establishment of a Diocesan Day of Service in recognition of the ministry of the Very Rev’d Barry Randolph and Church of the Messiah, Detroit. The date will be set annually by the Diocesan Council.

• Adopted a resolution commending almsgiving to every congregation and suggesting contributions to The Church at Crossroads or a similar local ministry in their community.

• Elected the Rev. Emily Williams Guffy to the Cathedral Chapter; the Rev. Stacy Salles to the Commission on Ministry; Ms. Carol Bennett, Mr. Cole Seeler, The Rev. Anthony Estes and the Rev. Dr. JoAnn Kennedy Slater to the Disciplinary Board; Ms. Shirley Lappi and the Rev. Jadon Hartsuff to the Standing Committee; Ms. Victoria Trudeau, Ms. Margaret Walbridge and the Very Rev. Scott Hunter to the Trustees of the Diocese; and the Rev. Gerardo Aponte-Safe as delegate to the Provincial Synod.

• Approved the date and location of the 190th Convention of the Diocese as October 18/19, 2024 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan.

• Watched a video slideshow highlighting the amazing congregations and communities within this diocese. To watch the video, click here.

• Had a great time playing the second year (does that make it a tradition?) of Diocesan Convention Bingo.

Special Orders of Business:

• 2024 General Convention and delegates were provided with a list of Resolutions of the 2022 General Convention that had been commended to Dioceses and congregations.

• Heard reports from the Campus Ministers of our Diocese

• Learned about opportunities for Legacy Giving through impact stories told via video presentations. Watch the videos by clicking the links below. Click here for video presentations from Christ Church, Dearborn.

• Watched a video presentation documenting the congregations and individuals who participated in End Gun Violence Michigan activities throughout the past year: Watch the video here.

• Participated in One of the highlights of the Convention, the screening of the documentary, The Philadelphia Eleven. It was a moving presentation and provided new information and insights for virtually all of us in the group of 175 who watched together.

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Would you like a copy of the Convention Journal: Reports to Convention 2023 and Summary of Actions from 2022? For the sake of the environment, we are printing and mailing copies of the Journal upon request. Click here to request a paper copy.

The Rev. Dr. W. Richard Hamlin
Secretary of Convention

Questions regarding diocesan convention can be addressed to:
The Rev. Dr. W. Richard Hamlin, Secretary of Convention:
or Canon Jo Ann Hardy, Canon to the Ordinary: or 313-833-4422