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Best Little Bytes

Best Little Bytes

Best Little Bytes offer some best practices from the EDOMI Technology Task Force. We have done the research so all you need to do is click, follow and be a tech genius! If you have suggestions for what you would like to see in our occasional series, please contact the Rev. Clare Hickman at Support is available, including consultations, equipment guides, grants and more. Contact Manisha Dostert at for more information. For the document from the 10/7 clergy call, click here.


FAQs- here are FAQs from people in our very own Diocese. Check back for more questions and answers.

How to improve your church’s wifi

Want to extend your wi-fi signal in the church? Try mesh routers!

How to Create a Virtual CHoir

This 30-minute video lays out seven complete steps to creating a virtual choir. From how to download the free software, to how to record at home, to how to produce the “choral sound” that we all love so much, this video takes you through it all. The Rev. Phil Dinwiddie of St. James, Grosse Ile, has been creating virtual choir pieces for 30 weeks, having produced over 100 hymns for worship on Zoom and YouTube.

Livestreaming Equipment Guide:

Livestreaming from your church can seem like a daunting task if you do not know where to start. Here is a guide on how to start- determine the equipment you need. This best little byte offers a range of options to help you determine what is best for your congregation. Now is the time to prepare for the winter and take the next step to connecting your congregation by livestreaming your services from church!

How to Live Stream To Youtube:

Are you beginning to think about live streaming and want to know how to do so to YouTube? Check out our how-to guide!

How to Deal With Zoom-Bombing.

You got this! Set up your Zoom meeting so it is hard for zoom bombers to enter, but know what to do should you discover persnickety zoom-bombers.