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“Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018” authorized for trial use, 2018-2021.

From its introduction by The Rev. Dr. Paul Fromberg:

During the last triennium (2015-18), to provide a less ambiguous canonical authority for the Calendar, and to fulfill the mandate of General Convention, the SCLM (Standing Commission for Liturgy and Music) worked at a revision of the Calendar. As with A Great Cloud of Witnesses, we hoped that this Calendar would reflect the diversity of the Church. We understood that this work was critical; our diversity as a Church is one of our great strengths. Welcoming commemorations of those who look like, talk like, and live like us in our diversity gives new ways of hearing the Gospel, and new ways for us to speak Gospel in the world. Remembering a more diverse company of saints gives us new stories by which to live, new ways to understand the world around us, and new ministries to take up in the world.

The result is this volume: Lesser Feasts and Fasts, 2018. This volume, along with the commemorations and feasts of our Lord in the Book of Common Prayer, comprise the authorized Calendar given to the Church for use in the current triennium, from the end of the 79th General Convention through the 80th General Convention in 2021. It includes all of the commemorations from Lesser Feasts and Fasts, 2006. As with previous editions of Lesser Feasts and Fasts, this volume is “for optional use throughout the church.” These commemorations may be used at weekday Eucharistic celebrations, at the Daily Office, or for private devotion, though the lectionary readings for each commemoration are intended to be used at the Eucharist, and not the Daily Office.


Congregations are encouraged to use these materials for weekday celebrations of the Holy Eucharist, during the triennium ending July 2021. Please let us know about your experience, especially the newly proposed commemorations whose names or titles appear in [Brackets], using the feedback form below. Your appraisals will inform the next stage of Calendar revisions. Please fill out one survey per commemoration/saint.

Lesser Feasts & Fasts

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