Bishops United Against Gun Violence

Bishop Bonnie Perry is the newest co-convener of Bishops United Against Gun Violence. Bishops United is a network of Episcopal Bishops who work to influence local and national governments to adopt policies and pass legislation that will reduce gun violence in the United States.

From Bishops United:

“Bonnie, who was ordained and consecrated in February 2020, has been involved in working against gun violence for decades, including as co-founder and co-convener of the Diocese of Chicago’s CROSSWalk initiative. She was an active participant in the Bishops United 2017 Unholy Trinity conference in Chicago, and since becoming bishop of Michigan, she has been active in responding to urban gun violence and mass shootings in her diocese. In October 2020, she helped lead the Bishops United Against Gun Violence online Service of Lament, Hope and Resolve, which took place one week before Election Day.”


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