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A  Prayer for Discernment and Transition


As the Diocese of Michigan moves through the process of episcopal transition, it is important to keep in mind that the process must be one that is centered on prayer and discernment. The process is not about advancing a particular interest or agenda, or seeking candidates who are a good personal fit with those involved in the search, nomination, and election process. If the diocese is to have a successful episcopal transition, it must be clear to all involved in the process that there is only one goal: discerning God’s will for the Diocese of Michigan. To help all of us remain focused on this, we ask that the following prayer be used throughout our diocese, in both personal prayers and in our Sunday worship services.

O God our help in ages past, our hope for years to come; You have journeyed with your people Israel and we pray you, journey with us now, in this time of episcopal transition and change. Walk beside us on the road that is ahead, calm our fears, awaken our hope, and open our hearts, as together we seek your guidance. Inspire us, and those appointed to search for candidates, to discern your will for the Diocese of Michigan. May we put our whole trust in you as we look to Christ, the great shepherd of our souls; who together with the Holy Spirit is alive and reigns now and for ever. Amen.


O Dios, nuestro socorro de tiempos pasados, nuestra esperanza año tras año; has caminado con tu pueblo, Israel y te rogamos camina con nostoros ahora en esta hora de transición y cambio Episcopal. Acompáñanos en este camino delante, calma nuestros corazones mientras juntos pedimos tu guía. Inspira a nosotros y a los designados a buscar candidatos, distinguir tu querer para el diócesis de Michigan. Tengamos fe completa mientras esperamos en Cristo, el Buen Pastor de nuestras almas, quien con el Espíritu Santo, vive y reina ahora y para siempre. Amen

Transition Resources

The Diocesan Profile

The Search and Nomination Committee held meetings on June 30 at St. Paul’s Brighton and July 21 at St. John’s in Plymouth.  We would like to express our appreciation to those churches for hosting us and to all of the churches that hosted listening sessions over the past few months.
On July 14 the diocesan survey was closed.  We had well over 500 responses and thank everyone who took the time to fill out the survey.  Thanks also to the volunteers who entered responses from the paper surveys.
Our task now is to take all of this rich data and to use it in the creation of a profile of our diocese.  We will be working with Anna Schroen, our wonderful Diocesan Director of Communications, to create a web-based profile.  The profile will include the following sections:
  • In Ages Past
  • Who We Are
  • The Road Ahead
  • Walk With Us/Whom We Seek
We plan to have a draft of the profile by our next meeting on August 25 and to release the profile on September 30.  The profile will also have a link to a nomination form and an application form with questions for potential candidates.
 We will welcome back our Search Consultant, the Rev. Kim Jackson, on September 22 for training in interviewing.
 We have a few requests for members of the diocese during this exciting period:
  1. Please continue to pray for us and this transition process.
  2. Please send us high quality photographs of ministries in the diocese or your congregation that might be useful in the profile.  (Send to
  3. When it comes time to open the process for nominations, please reach out to priests you may know who would be good candidates and invite them to apply or to allow you to nominate them.  We really hope to have a pool of excellent and diverse candidates and we need your help.
Respectfully Submitted,
Eric Williams, Chairperson








Timeline and Committee Search Resources & FAQs

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