Bishop Perry finishes time away with 5-day retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery

August 29, 2022

Bishop Perry will return to Detroit on Friday, and will be back in the office the Tuesday after Labor Day.

“It has been an extremely active and full few months for me and I’m looking forward to beginning this program year with focused prayer and reflection.” -Bishop Bonnie A. Perry

Bishop Perry is on a 5-day personal retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin.

Holy Wisdom Monastery view, photo by Bishop Perry
Benedictine Women of Madison, WI photo courtesy of Holy Wisdom Monastery

This is an ecumenical retreat center that she has been visiting for 20 years. The Benedictine monastery is situated on 50 acres of restored prairie and woodlands that backs to a State Park. The Sisters and their guests gather four times a day for prayer, worship and reflection.

Last week, Bishop Perry led a kayaking course at Naturally Superior Adventures on Lake Superior, in the Northern Ontario township of Wawa.

Photo by Bishop Perry

Earlier this summer, after attending the 80th Convention of the Episcopal Church, she traveled to Scotland to participate in the Shetland Kayak Symposium. While in Scotland she paddled the west coast of Shetland and was able to lay to rest a portion of the ashes of a dear paddling friend.

Photo by Erik Isbister

She held worship with the people of St. Magnus Episcopal Church in Lerwick, Shetland before traveling to Canterbury, England to attend The Lambeth Conference for two weeks. She toured Scotland for a few days, with her spouse Susan, before returning to the United States.

Bishop Bonnie A. Perry with Archbishop Justin Welby and Caroline Welby. Photo courtesy of Bishop Perry