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Local Formation: CALL Online Courses

Local Formation: CALL Online Courses

The Center for Anglican Learning and Leadership’s (CALL) is a program of the California Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP), an Episcopal seminary located in Berkeley, CA. The Diocese of Michigan has partnered with CALL to offer these courses for anyone interested in theological education, as well as a pathway for formation for those in the ordination process.

CALL offers fully online courses throughout the academic year which are designed so that you can participate at your own pace and at your own time.

Each course is 7 weeks, each week a separate lesson. Continuing Education Units are offered at the rate of 2 CEUs per course, and are not part of a degree-granting program. Students from across The Episcopal Church and beyond join experienced online instructors in creating a classroom environment of respect and mutual learning.

Classes are open to anyone, lay or ordained. For each class, participants should plan on 3-5 hours per week of course work, including reading, video lessons and online participation in discussions and assignments. As a partner diocese, anyone from the Diocese of Michigan enrolled in CALL courses receives the discounted rate of $215 per course. You must register with Whitaker in order to receive the discount, which will be applied after registration.

The class offerings for the 2022-2023 year can be found in the chart below. Registration for the Fall term opens on July 20th – and then opens for each of the following terms about six weeks prior to the start date of the term. For those in the ordination process, please reach out to the Rev. Susie Shaefer, to discuss course selection.