Christ Church Dearborn Launching Intercultural Community Center

Christ Episcopal Church in Dearborn is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a three-year, $260,000 grant from Trinity Wall Street to launch its Intercultural Community Center in Dearborn (ICCD).  Christ Church has  partnered with Mother of the Savior, an Arabic speaking Episcopal-Lutheran congregation who shares the building with Christ Church. The Intercultural Community Center is an organic outgrowth of this relationship and our shared ministries.

Christ Church has a long history of partnering with the interfaith community in Dearborn. This relationship is growing and deepening to include the wider, more diverse population in SE Michigan. The ICCD uses the term intercultural intentionally to highlight that we are multicultural and interpersonal. We are also intergenerational, interracial, and interfaith.

The ICCD is the networking hub in Dearborn for nonpartisan social justice action which gathers individuals and groups from various cultural backgrounds into an intercultural community to:

  • cultivate deep, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship
  • exchange and learn from one another
  • work together in education and service initiatives for the wider community
  • dismantle structural and societal systems and attitudes of racism
  • segregation and bigotry in Dearborn and the surrounding communities.