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Offices Open for Nomination

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The Cathedral Chapter

The Cathedral Chapter consists of eighteen people representing the Bishop, the Diocesan Convention, and the Vestry of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit. They have the responsibility to oversee those activities at the Diocesan-Cathedral Center which are not those of the Cathedral church. This includes property matters, tenant relationships, activities not intended for parochial purposes, and supporting the activities of the Diocese. It is the agency which operates the common space of the Diocesan-Cathedral Center at 4800 Woodward Avenue in Detroit. The term of office is 3 years. The Chapter meets quarterly.


The Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry assists the Bishop in development and affirmation of the ministry of all baptized persons. Among the duties of the Commission is the design and oversight of the ongoing process for recruitment, discernment, formation for ministry and assessment of readiness for it. It is to support and nurture persons accepted as postulants through ordination. This body has broad responsibilities for lifting up the opportunities for ministry of the word in this Diocese and the world. The Commission consists of the Bishop and 20 other members – 10 clergy who are entitled to vote at convention and 10 laypersons each of whom must be confirmed adult communicants in good standing of a congregation entitled to vote at convention. One-half are elected by members of convention, and the other half are appointed by the Bishop. One member of clergy and one layperson will be elected. The term of office is 5 years. The Commission meets monthly except in July and August.


The Disciplinary Board

The Disciplinary Board exists to help in cases where clergy have been presented with charges under the Ecclesiastical Disciplinary Canons (Title IV) of the Canons of The Episcopal Church. In the event of a charge of clergy misconduct, members of Disciplinary Board must meet to review the matter. The board meets at least once a year soon after Diocesan Convention to elect a President of the Board and to be trained about their role. If the Disciplinary Board is called upon to consider a disciplinary matter, extended meetings are a possibility. In many years the board will not meet more often than the one time to elect the president. However, if the board gets called into action, the work may be intense. The dioceses of Michigan, Eastern Michigan and Western Michigan have a joint Disciplinary Board. The term of office is 2 years.


The Standing Committee

The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice to the Bishop; it examines persons in progress for ordination, and must consent to ordination; and it approves all property transfers and encumbrances of Diocesan property, including parish property. The Standing Committee consists of 8 members, 4 members of the clergy entitled to vote at convention and 4 laypersons who are confirmed adult communicants in good standing of a congregation entitled to vote at convention. Its responsibilities are determined principally by the Canons of General Convention. Two members, one member of the clergy and one layperson, are elected at each Annual Convention. The term of office is 4 years. The Committee meets monthly except July and August.


The Trustees of the Diocese

The Trustees receive transfers of property to the Diocese for express purposes, and may receive funds from recognized congregations and other funds of the Diocese for investment purposes, invest such funds as directed or in their discretion as trustees they may determine; and to collect and receive all income from the funds, and pay out the net income for the purposes of the Diocese as established by Diocesan Council in the case of diocesan funds or pursuant and subject to the terms of the trust or trusts or other direction under which property or money has been received by it. The Trustees shall be composed of the Bishop and 15 other members, 3 clergy entitled to vote at convention and 12 laypersons who are communicants in good standing of a congregation admitted as a Voting Congregation. 4 members, one member of the clergy and 3 laypersons, are elected at each Annual Convention. The term of office is 4 years. The Trustees meet quarterly.