“Border to Border” Pilgrimage

Winter 2020

The “Border to Border” Pilgrimage will explore issues on our southern border (Mexico) and connect to our lives on the northern border (Canada). All welcome! Watch a video describing our plans here. More information coming soon.

Due to COVID-19 our plans are currently on hold. However, we will be continuing to gather in zoom meetings.

Spanish for Ministry Course

Registration is closed for our online, program-year “Spanish for Ministry course.”  The Whitaker Institute offers this course with teacher Mechelle Sieglitz, member at St. George’s Episcopal Church (Milford) and co-facilitated by Silvia Huth, member at Holy Cross Episcopal Church (Novi).  This practical course will give you familiarity with Spanish language that can lead to ministerial opportunities for your nearby Spanish speaking community. Each class includes conversational speaking practice and liturgical language practice. By the end of the course, participants will learn enough Spanish to converse and also to participate in Spanish Morning Prayer service.

Deadline to register passed. If you are still interested, email Vicki Hesse at for special registration.

Twenty class sessions, every other week beginning September 21 through June 14.  PLUS! Optional Spanish-Table gatherings will be offered with classmates between class times.

Classes will be held online by zoom, from 7pm to 8:30pm.  Tuition is $500 for the whole course ($25 per class session) and scholarships are available. Limit to 20 people per class.

For More Information, contact Mechelle Sieglitz at or Vicki Hesse at

  • Spanish for Ministry is a practical course to gain familiarity with the language and ministerial opportunities with the local Spanish speaking community. By the end of this course, you will have learned the equivalent of a Spanish I course in a university class, be able to participate in a conversation in Spanish, and participate in Morning Prayer in Spanish.
  • Participants will need to purchase their own books at (or wherever this book is sold).
  • Our teacher, Mechelle Sieglitz, grew up speaking Spanish in her home state of Florida, and is a certified K-12 Spanish teacher with five years’ experience in the classroom. She received her Master of Arts in Teaching from Oakland University in 2014. She is a member of St George’s Episcopal Church in Milford.

Here are the dates:

Class Dates

Session 1 September 21

Session 2 October 5

Session 3 October 19

Session 4 November 2

Session 5 November 16

Session 6 November 30

Session 7 December 14

Session 8 January 4

Session 9 January 18

Session 10 Feb 1

Session 11 February 15

Session 12 March 1

Session 13 March 15

Session 14 March 29

Session 15 April 12

Session 16 April 26

Session 17 May 3

Session 18 May 17

Session 19 May 31

Session 20 June 14



Pilgrimage to The Holy Land

November 14-25, 2019

The Diocese of Michigan led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


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