Welcoming New College Students!

Your Episcopal campus chaplaincies in the state of Michigan, at Michigan State, Michigan Tech, and the University of Michigan, need your help! Summer means time for fun and relaxing (even in the time of coronavirus) but for university chaplaincies it means making plans for the coming year and connecting with new and returning students. This is more important than ever as we face huge uncertainties about how students will ‘go to college’ in the fall. Summer orientations have moved entirely online and the usual avenues to meet students at the beginning of the semester are likely gone entirely this year. That means we have to find new ways of making ourselves known to students.

If you have any graduated high school seniors (or any parishioners who have grandchildren who have graduated!) who are heading to ANY college campus in the fall, please share their name and contact information with your diocesan campus missioners.

That student will receive a note of welcome (and maybe some cool SWAG) plus information about the resources available on campus and online from their campus ministry. They will NOT be inundated with emails or snail mail. They WON’T receive a personal visit or any other intrusive surprise! If they are heading to a campus that is not one of our three ministries, we can connect them to the Episcopal chaplain at their school, if there is one.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we are learning the importance of the communities that sustain us, especially the spaces that declare the certainty of the love of God in a world filled with increasing uncertainty. Thank you for your help in keeping our young adults connected!

Rick Stanitis, Michigan Tech & Finlandia:
Donna McNiel, Michigan State:
Matthew Lukens, Univ of Michigan: