Whitaker Online School

Whitaker Online School

Welcome to The Whitaker Institute Online School! It’s our own online school where you can take dozens of courses. Enrollment is free to congregations in the Diocese of Michigan! To enroll, please scroll to the bottom to fill out the form below.

  • Crossing Thresholds with Roger Ferlo and Suzann Holding
  • A Christian Response to Gun Violence
  • The Bible and Evangelism
  • he Ministry of Acolytes
  • Metro Theology
  • Holy Communion 101 with James Hamilton
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministry 101
  • An Instructed Eucharist
  • Walk in Love – in 5 Parts
  • Reimagining Children’s and Youth Ministry with Faith Forward
  • Healing Spiritual Wounds
  • Reading the Bible Through the Lens of Conflict
  • Holy Grounds: The Surprising Connections Between Coffee and Faith
  • Introducing Spiritual Direction
  • Involving Children in Worship
  • Preparing for Infant and Children’s Baptism in the Episcopal Church with Anne Kitch
  • How to Run a Vacation Bible School with Dorothy Linthicum
  • The Spirituality of Children with Catherine Maresca
  • Introduction to the Bible with Marek Zabriskie
  • What Bishops Do with Kirk Smith
  • Whiteness and Racial Justice
  • Introducing Benedictine Spirituality with Laurel Dahill
  • Stopping Harassment and Creating Cultures of Respect
  • Reading and Praying in Church: The Office of Lector with Tim Spannaus
  • Eucharistic Visitation with Tim Spannaus

And more coming soon!