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Whitaker Online School

Whitaker Online School

Welcome to The Whitaker Institute Online School! It’s our own online school where you can take dozens of courses. Enrollment is free to congregations in the Diocese of Michigan!

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Looking for courses on race and justice? Click here.

RACIAL JUSTICE COURSES – Watch short intro video here!

  • Whiteness and Racial Justice By Kelly Brown Douglas
  • Theology and Racial Justice By J. Kameron Carter
  • Reparation and Racial Justice By Jennifer Harvey
  • Racism and Racial Justice By Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
  • Spirituality and Racial Justice By Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Here is a partial list of other available courses:

  1. Angels in Artwork
  2. Learning from London
  3. Make Me an Instrument of Peace: A Guide to Civil Discourse
  4. The Living Diet
  5. Rogers’ Simple Faith
  6. Is My Loved One Addicted?
  7. The Presbyterian Tradition with Graham Standish
  8. The Lutheran Tradition with Mark Tranvik
  9. Introducing Lutheran Worship with Don Kreiss
  10. The Baptist Tradition with Amy Butler
  11. Introducing Islam with Mustapha Elturk
  12. Introducing Judaism with Joseph Krakoff
  13. The Methodist Tradition with Jason Byassee
  14. The Roman Catholic Tradition
  15. The Episcopal Way with Eric Law and Stephanie Spellers
  16. What Would Luther Do Today?
  17. Music and Liturgy
  18. Designing Liturgy
  19. Introducing Church Marketing with Jake Dell
  20. Introducing the Altar Guild with Hobey Hinchman
  21. Introducing Stewardship with Kristine Miller
  22. Crisis Communications with Meredith Gould
  23. Deepening the Spirituality of Your Congregation with Graham Standish
  24. Radical Welcoming with Stephanie Spellers
  25. Building a Spiritually Mature Congregation with Thomas Bergler
  26. Talking about Same Gender Unions with Jeffrey Lee
  27. Digital Strategies for Churches with Kyle Oliver
  28. Re-Inventing Your Church Board with Dan Hotchkiss
  29. My Church Is Not Dying: Finding Hope in Mainline Churches
  30. Radical Sending
  31. What Vibrant Congregations Do
  32. How to Promote Your Church
  33. Five Keys to Renewing Your Church with Jay Sidebotham
  34. What Is Christian Mission?
  35. The Vestry Journey
  36. Vision and the Vestry
  37. Vestry Team Building and Conflict
  38. A 7-Week Advent
  39. Ministering with Millennials
  40. Small Groups that Work
  41. Ministry with Flowers
  42. The Ministry of Acolytes 5: An Acolyte’s Way of Life
  43. An American Prayer Book, A Global Prayer Book with Tom Ferguson
  44. The Spirituality of the Book of Common Prayer with Karl Ruttan
  45. Creeds and Commitments of the Prayer Book with Jason Fout
  46. English Origins of the Book of Common Prayer with John Dally
  47. Praying the Collects with Ellen Wondra
  48. Singing the Book of Common Prayer with Milner Seifert
  49. Introducing the Gospels with Michael Card
  50. Introduction to St. Paul with George Guthrie


Courses added every month!