Sermons and Statements

Sermons & Statements

Sermon: Authenticity, Courage and Welcome for all….

Sermon: Rising to New Heights of Forgiveness and Repentance

Jesus was not and never will be a Christian Nationalist

Sermon: God Shows no Partiality

Sermon: Psalms for our Lives

Sermon: Doubting Thomas: A Community of Belief

Sermon: Apples & Pears of Hope: Can These Bones Live?

Sermon: Hearts Broken Open

Sermon: John 3:16 For God So Loved The World

Sermon: My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Sermon: Mountains Are Moments

Sermon: Sitting In The Dark

Sermon: Epiphany and Auden: Will We Travel Another Way?

Sermon: Christmas Morning with the Bishop

Sermon: A Wheelchair In The Waves

Sermon: The Exile of Despair and Arrogance

Sermon: The Number Of Our Days

Sermon: We Do Not Know The Day…

Sermon: The Dash Of Our Lives

Sermon: Back to the Future: So We can Learn, Change and Matter More

Sermon: Do Not Become What We Abhor

Statement From Bishop Bonnie A. Perry Regarding The Violence In The Holy Land

Sermon: Water: Making The World Go Around

Sermon: Forgiveness: When, What, Why, How…

Sermon: Sink Or Swim

Sermon: Laughing At God

Happy Pride 2023 | A message from Bishop Bonnie A. Perry

Sermon: God’s Love Is Here

Sermon: The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Sermon: Living Our Lives As If

Sermon: Making Common Ground

Sermon: Let not your Hearts be Troubled

Sermon: We are Changed, Because of You

Sermon: Worst day of our lives?

Sermon: Easter Sunday

Sermon: Palm Sunday

Sermon: The Death of Lazarus

Sermon: Open Our Eyes

Remarks from Bishop Perry | Honor With Action Rally, Lansing

Sermon: For God So Loved The World

Sermon: In the Garden of Anxiety

Sermon: It’s been a Long, Hard, Sad Week

Recording of Prayer Vigil for MSU – Wednesday, February 15

Sermon: You are the Essential Ingredient

Sermon: God Calls Us Continually

Christmas Morning with the Bishop

Sermon: Deacons, Angels, Messengers of God

Sermon: The Darkness of Night

Sermon: Venturing from the River Banks

The Eve of the One Year Anniversary of the Oxford High School Shooting | Statement by Bishop Bonnie A. Perry

Sermon: Remember Me — The Genuine Me

Sermon: Creating a New Earth

Sermon for All Saints’ Day | The Veil is Thin

Sermon: Shenandoah Smoke

Sermon: Simple Kindnesses

Sermon: Bridges Loom Large

Sermon: Getting Found, in spite of Ourselves

Statements from Bishop Bonnie A. Perry Regarding the Lambeth Conference

Sharing the Mantle: Elijah and Elisha

Tell Me Your Name: Demons & Pigs

The Vast Expanse of Interstellar Space

Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy

A Message from Bishop Bonnie A. Perry

A River Runs Through It | Beginning to End

Sermon: How Do We Grow?

Sermon: For Thou Art With Me

Sermon: Hand in Hand

Sermon: Let Us Leave The Tomb

Sermon: Evil All Around, Good Friday

Sermon: We Wish to See Jesus: Together

The Episcopal Church stands up for the protection and inclusion of transgender people.

Sermon: The Prodigal Son & My Schwinn Bike

Sermon: Temptations are Real

Sermon: The Pain of Ukraine | The Feast of Transfiguration

The Pain of Ukraine

Sermon: The Gracious Highway

Sermon: Thy Kingdom Come

Sermon: Holiness CALLS

Sermon: The Scripture of Resistance

Bishop Perry’s Christmas Eve Sermon

Afghan Refugee Fund

Holiness Abounds

The Day of Judgement is Drawing Near

Zechariah Sings – Advent 2 Sermon

The Young People of Oxford High School, Oxford Michigan

Hannah’s Prayer – Bishop Perry’s Sunday Sermon

All Saints Day Sermon

We Are Headed Someplace New

The Wild Goose & The Rich Young Man

We Had Leeks in Egypt

Chaff or Oaks

Words of Wisdom or Tongues of Fire

Do You Remember? Do You You Recall? | A Reflection on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Risking Arm and Arm

The Storm is Receding

Seeds, Wind, and Hope

Let us be Known as Christians

Pentecost is Real

Betwixt and Between

A Snowy Day in April

A Letter From Bishop Perry

What Then if We Believed?

The Tides of Faith: Doubting Thomas

Can These Bones Live? – Easter Vigil Sermon

Facing The Fire – Bishop Perry’s Easter Sunday Sermon

A Holy Week Message from Bishop Perry

Pax Romana vs. Pax Christi

It’s All About Plaque

Remember the Sabbath – Keep it Holy

I Want to Follow Jesus, But I’m Scared

Here and Now

Listen and Hear

Chaos and Order

And Then Yesterday Happened. What is Truth?

Don’t Stop Believin’

Bishop Perry’s Christmas Sermons

The World is About to Turn

The Spirit of the Lord God is Upon Us

Digging a Hole for God

These Stories, Your Stories, God’s Stories

Take, Lord Receive

To You We Cry

A Letter From Bishop Perry

This is One of Those Days

Take the Candlesticks, Too

An Invitation To Change

Running Toward Pressure: Together

Are We There Yet?

Endless Love

Letting Go: Seventy Seven Times

Vacation Note from Bishop Perry

Never Give Up, Never Give In

Holy Tricksters

Letters to the Church – Interview

Abraham’s Biggest Mistake

Update to COVID-19 Reentry Directive

This Fragile Earth, Our Island Home

A Letter and Invitation from Bishop Perry

I Can’t Breathe

Together, we raised $220,000 to Alleviate Food Insecurity in Michigan

Relinquishing Our Idols

Prayer is Re-Membering

Coming of A New World

An Open Letter from The Episcopal Bishops in Michigan

A Directive from The Episcopal Bishops in Michigan

Pivot Out – Bishop Perry’s Sunday Sermon

Pragmatic Thomas

Death Does Not Remain – Easter Sermon from Bishop Perry

These Bones Live – Easter Vigil Sermon

The Pandemic and Poverty: A Theological and Public Policy Discussion of COVID-19

Webinar – COVID-19: A Scientific, Pastoral Conversation

Bearing Witness to The Pain – Preaching in The Age of COVID-19

Jesus Cries and So Do I – Preaching in The Age of COVID-19

We Are the Right Ones for This Time

An Updated Pastoral Directive from Bishop Perry

I Was Blind, But Now I See – Preaching in the Age of COVID

Pastoral Directive from The Episcopal Bishops in Michigan

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Preparation and Response

Videos and Photos from the Consecration

Bishop Perry’s Crozier: The Wild Goose & The Rich Young Man

A Message and an Invitation from the Bishop-elect

Future Programs