Trustees of the Diocese of Michigan

What Trustees Do

The Trustees of the Diocese of Michigan receive transfers of property to the Diocese for express purposes, and may receive funds from recognized congregations and other funds of the Diocese for investment purposes, invest such funds as directed or in their discretion as trustees they may determine; and to collect and receive all income from the funds, and pay out the net income for the purposes of the Diocese as established by Diocesan Council in the case of diocesan funds or pursuant and subject to the terms of the trust or trusts or other direction under which property or money has been received by it.

The Trustees consist of the Bishop and 16 other members, 4 clergy entitled to vote at convention and 12 laypersons who are communicants in good standing of a congregation admitted as a Voting Congregation. 5 members, one member of the clergy and 4 laypersons, are elected at each Annual Convention. The term of office is 4 years. The Trustees meet quarterly at the Episcopal Church Center.

Who We Are

2020 – 2021 Trustees Roster

Lynda Carter
Ralph A. Castelli, Jr.
Louis Clark
Cedric Flounory
Thomas Forbes
S. Scott Hunter
Andrea Morrow
Bonnie A Perry
Marc S. Robinson
Stephanie Rose
Martha Gibiser Shea
Robert Sherry
George Swan III
Jim Treece
Lyn Zynda