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Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council


Diocesan Council oversees the business of the diocese between the annual diocesan conventions, including developing the draft and proposed budgets for submission to the annual convention. Members represent each deanery of the diocese. Council meets several times a year on a regular basis.

Diocesan Council Roster

President & Chair

Wendell Gibbs, Bishop


Mark Miliotto


Edie Wakevainen


Steve Ott

Vice Chancellor

Megan Norris

Secretary of Convention

Richard Hamlin

Diocesan Administrator/Registrar

Jo Ann Hardy


Anna Schroen


OPEN 2018

Appointee Clergy

Steven Domienik
Jenny Ritter

Appointee Lay

Andy Anyanonu
Askari Asante
Felicity Thompson
Roger Weekes

Appointee YAYA

Steven Chisholm

Transitional Appointment

Lay Joyce Munro

Capitol Deanery

Clergy: Linda MacDonald
Lay Claudia Hamlin

Detroit Deanery

Clergy: Clare Hickman
Lay: Bruce Cann

Downriver Deanery

Clergy: Lynda Carter
Lay: Martha Hanoian

Huron Deanery

Clergy: Bill Stech
Lay: Katie Oppenheim

McGehee Deanery

Clergy Imogen Rhodenhiser
Lay: Shirley Lappi

Trinity Deanery

Clergy: Paul Castelli
Lay: Bruce Hinkle

William Lyster Deanery

Clergy: Diana Walworth
Lay: Winfred Mandody